Ziigmund and Power Poker Appear in a New Finnish Rap Video

Ziigmund known as a party animal doesn't let his reputation down in the latest Finnish rap videoclip,  which also features Power Poker. The videoclip named Pojat On Poikii featuring Elastinen & Spekti was published yesterday by Rähinä Records and was made by Uniikikki, a well known Finnish rap band. As per usual the rap video features hot girls, fancy cars and a ton of cash.

"The video tells the story of how the guys go out to spend the night with Ziigmund. First it's all champagne and pretty ladies until things finally get out of hand. It's completely over the top with all the hip hop cliches included! It's just a funny story, we're not out to offend anyone," Uniikki explains.

The four and a half minute video was shot at the Burleski Club, in a penthouse and on the night streets of Helsinki.

"We filmed rap-video two weeks ago and Its out now...Its really cool I think and everybody is happy now....Power Poker was producer/sponsor etc etc...Rapper is Uniikki feat.Spekti and Elastinen and Im some fcking host or special guest or some like that..Those guys are top rappers in Finland...Filming was super funny and there it is..its fcking hot....warning for girls dont squirting and get 20 orgasm in a row," says Ziigmund in his latest blog post.

Update on the EPT Berlin Casino Robbery

In a recent post, we looked at the arrest by the German police of the thieves and mastermind behind the EPT Berlin robbery. With all suspects now in custody, the trial of four young men has begun yesterday in Berlin State Court. The 31-year old person who was behind the whole operation and masterminded the raid, has been charged separately and is set to go on trial later this year.

EPT Berlin
The scene of the robbery at EPT Berlin

Three out of the four accused suspects have reportedly broken their silence admitting to their involvement in the crime, but have still not given up the location of the stolen money.

Double Homicide During a Poker Game in Mesquite, Dallas

The players that attended a suburban Dallas poker game got more than they expected when a robber bust in resulting in a gun battle leading to the death of two people.

According to Fox 4 and Mesquite Police, the robber (whose identity has not yet been released) broke into the apartment of the 5900 block in Northwest drive just after midnight yesterday. The 35 year old host Tracy Moore was then shot and killed, after getting into a scuffle trying stop the intruder.

It was then another card player Jerome Johnson, fearing for his safety and of the others, pulled out a licensed concealed weapon and shot the robber dead. As of yet no charges have been laid on Jerome and police believe that it was cause for reasonable self-defense. But the case will be reviewed by a grand jury to decide if Jerome will face any charges.

Personalized Number Plates at the WSOP

Pokerati, the popular poker blog posted a recent article containing some photos, about personalized number plates from poker players' cars. Of course they all contained poker related terms showing the car owners' love of the game. One of the plates is from Scotty Nguyen's car. I think you can guess which one. Smile

Check out the photos posted on Pokerati.

Sammy Farha Adds Another Omaha Bracelet to His Collection

Sammy Farha  the Lebanon poker professional, is considered one of the best Omaha players of our time. The 51-year-old who now lives in Houston, Texas demonstrated his dominance this week by winning the $10,000 Omaha High-Low Split Eight or Better Championship (Event #25) and taking home his third WSOP Omaha bracelet.

In the final table it came down to a heads-up match between Sammy and James “Flushy” Dempsey. But despite James attempts to outwit Sammy, in the end it was Sammy who was stronger, knocking out James, to take the number one spot and the $488,237 dollar first place prize.

Sammy Farha
Sammy Farha, the Omaha legend

Joran van der Sloot Fears The Peruvian Jail

After being arrested in Chile on 3rd of June 2010, the Dutch poker player didn’t take too long to confess to the murder of the 21-year-old Stephany Flores. With the confession now behind him, Van der Sloot who knows he is likely to receive extensive prison time and is apprehensive about remaining in the Peruvian jail, named Miguel Castro. 

According to a 2009 U.S Department of State Human Rights Report conducted on this prison they found the following:

  • This maximum security prison as of last year had 44,800 inmates (2,794 women) locked up in Peru
  • Its conditions are described as 'harsh'
  • The prison is considered to be overcrowded and have very poor sanitation.
  • Epidemic levels of HIV/AIDS and also tuberculosis

The Dutchman, who is terrified of what will happen to him serving his sentence in the Peruvian jail, is now trying to work out a deal with authorities. In the proposition, Van der Sloot has suggested to reveal the body location of Natalee Holloway (who he was also suspected of murdering after her disappearance in 2005) if he can serve the remainder of his sentence in an Aruban jail.

The First Episode of the PokerStars Big Game Was Aired this Monday Night

The well anticipated PokerStars Big Game made its debut around US this past Monday on American Fox Sports TV channel. The Big Game is a high stakes cash game show where five professional poker players go up against the so-called 'Loose Cannon'. The Loose Cannon has the opportunity to keep anything he wins above the initial $100k buy-in given.

Week 1 - Episode 1 of The Big Game featured Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Doyle Brunson, Phil Laak and Tony G. The Loose Cannon role was taken by Ernest Wiggins, who is a 35 year-old businessman from Washington, D.C.

For those who are unable to get near a TV or don’t have FOX carrying the “Big Game” no need to worry, you can catch up on all the action on PokerStars.tv. 


Are Dan Bilzerian and other Victory Poker Players Banned from the ESPN?

It seems that Twitter is one of the main communication interfaces of this year's WSOP, because of its ability to reach so many people for quick status updates. But when Victory Poker pro Dan Bilzerian posted a tweet quoting a line from the box office hit movie Gran Torino, he wasn’t expecting the reaction he received.

In the controversial tweet recently posted by Bilzerian, he quoted the line used by Clint Eastwood saying, “A Mexican, a Jew and a colored fellow walk into a bar… The bartender looks up and says… Get the **** out of here”. Unaware to Bilzerian his quote wasn’t taken that light-hearted by many. This was especially the case for the poker reporter Joy Miller, who expressed her outrage to Bilzerian in a hostel way.

Dan Bilzerian's later posted about the situation in a thread on the TwoPlusTwo Forum:
“She told the CEO from victory poker that neither myself or any of the 20 sponsored pros would get any ESPN coverage until I gave a formal apology. I explained to her that it was a quote from a movie. She flipped out and started swearing and screaming at me about using the word colored. She sent me a bunch of angry texts, yelled at the CEO, and you can hear the voicemail she left swearing and yelling at me in the link below. I explained to her that the NAACP stands for the National Association for Advancement of Colored People, and if had a problem with the use of the world colored, she should seek an apology from them as well.”

Joy Miller claimes to work for ESPN, but sources close to ESPN denied her claims.

YouTube was then used to publicizes the message Dan received from Joy on his phone: “I don’t give a **** if the quote was from a movie. I asked you to apologize because you said ‘colored’ and I just don’t get what you don’t get about that. I don’t even want an apology anymore. Good luck to you.”

Doyle Brunson Strikes Back at Annette Obrestad's Comments

Annette Obrestad is causing quite a commotion with her early comments made in a recent interview with ESPN. The 21 year old Norwegian poker pro raised eyebrows when she made the controversial comments that “Girls Suck at Poker” and furthermore went on to attack Doyle Brunson by saying all Doyle Brunson has is a huge ego and that she would easily outwit him.

Doyle Brunson
Doyle Brunson, the 76 year old poker legend

Not been intimidated by Annette, the 76 year old poker legend has struck back at the remarks, in a witty form, owning Annette on his Twitter page just recently. In response to the remarks Brunson tweeted the following: “Must be a bad tme of the month for Annette whats her name. By the way, I’m at Bobby’s Room almost every day if she really wants to play.” Brunson being a gentleman he is, also quickly responded to his rather crude comment, apologizing “to women everywhere about ‘time of the month’ comment".

Considering Brunson has 50 years more experience behind him, I think Annette is kidding herself if she really thinks she is a better player. Furthermore I believe this is more of a publicity stunt just to get her name out there.

Check Out Phil Hellmuth's Stunning Suite in the Aria Hotel

Phil Hellmuth has just recently published a video about his luxurious suite at the Aria Hotel. His apartment has stunning views of Vegas overlooking most of the hotels and pools.

The techonology in his suite is also quite amazing and Phil demonstrates what it has on offer. Phil is definitely a fan of the Aria Hotel and continuously compliments it throughout the four and a half minute video.

Lacey Jones Signs Sponsorship Deal with Full Tilt Poker

Lacy Jones is officially apart of the Full Tilt crew now, after recent announcements of her signing a sponsorship deal with the second biggest online poker site. Jones who was a sponsored player for Absolute Poker until late May, departed from the company on good terms after spending a couple years with them. It wasn’t long after her contact expired with Absolute Poker that Full Tilt crabbed at the opportunity to sign the model/host/poker player.  

Lacey Jones
Not just a model

Tony G Thinks About Calling It a Day and Quitting the WSOP 2010

Tony G the Lithuanian poker professional, who is well-known for his bigmouth has just recently revealed in his blog that he is burnt-out and is running out of positive words to say about poker right now.

Tony G

In a blog post that was published on the 10th of June, Tony G talks about how he just got busted from the WSOP Event #17 $5,000 No-Limit Tournament and his disappointment in the outcome. Furthermore he explains how his decision to stay or go home, will be heavily tied to the up and coming 2-7 Low Ball Draw No-Limit $10,000 Buy-in Championship Event that he will be playing in. If Tony happens to fails there he will probably be considering leaving for Europe to spend time with his family.

"I have a bit of burnout going on and I’m running bad. Three different times in the 5K I was good pre-flop and ran into bad endings that killed me. It happens, poker is a game and I am very aware of it. But when I am no longer having fun, it’s time to do something else and that will be leaving for home" Tony said.

Shaun Deeb's Playing in the WSOP Ladies Event Raises Controversy

The stunt that Shaun Deeb and his mates played out yesterday at the WSOP Ladies Event, has landed him in some hot water. Deeb, who organized together with his fellow male friends to enter the WSOP Ladies Event managed to raise attention.

The objective of the stunt was to raise the issue that he does not support the message that WSOP is giving: that there is a need to separate women and men in poker. With this main objective clear, Deeb and about 10 of his mates made their way to enter the $1,000 Ladies No-limit Championship. Because of anti-discrimination laws, the WSOP staff cannot legally prevent men from entering a women-only tournament.

Shaun Deeb - WSOP Ladies Event
Shaun Deeb protesting

Vanessa Hellebuyck Becomes The First Female Winner of the WSOP 2010

Vanessa Hellebuyck the poker pro form France is celebrating after claiming the first win for the females at this year’s WSOP. Her win came in the Event #22: $1,000 Ladies No-Limit Hold’em Tournament where she also managed to bank a whopping $192,132.

Vanessa Hellebuyck
Vanessa Hellebuyck

The final table saw a heads-up match between Vanessa and the Danish opponent Sidsel Boesen. In the showdown Sidel Boesen went all-in holding a DiamondT Diamond9 and Vanessa wasted on time calling holding a Spade5 Clubs5. The  ClubsQ Spade3 SpadeK Heart4 Diamond6 to the table secured Vanessa Hellebuyck’s win and gave her the glory of being the best player out of 1,054 participants, including some guys. Smile

A Hotel with a Difference

There are a lot of serious and breathtaking hotels to select from in Paris, but there is only one that is a must-see for the wealthiest. The Hôtel Le Bristol is a stunningly elegant and prestigious French creation, currently being owned by the German Oetker family. It might be because of the German running of the hotel that everything seems to run perfectly and precisely. It seems like the word ‘mistake’ has been deleted from the vocabulary of the hotel staff.

Residing beside the Élysée Palace, it is no wonder that the French Prime Minister Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni are regular guests there. The style and architecture of the hotel resembles the velvet-like luxury, characteristic of the early 20th century. The wellness quarter within the hotel offers a state-of-the-art spa surrounded by the theme of a 19th century yacht which is carried through the furniture, floor and fresco to give us the feeling of being aboard a boat.

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