Win an Aston Martin DB9 Coupé!

The winner of PartyPoker’s latest promotion ’Drive the Dream’ will be given the keys to drive home an Aston Martin DB9 Coupé from London Grand Final, of an estimated value of $150,000. Besides the car, other valuable goodies are also up for grabs.

The PartyPoker Drive the Dream promotion will run from 27th April to 12th September 2010 and you can qualify for the London Grand Final on the 2nd October.

The European Poker Tour (EPT) Season 6 Comes to a Close - Live Final Table Video Coverage

The EPT sponsored by is one of the most popular and respected series of live poker tournaments. Held within stunning locations throughout Europe, the EPT in now set to finish its 6th season at Atlantis Casino located in Monte Carlo. The buy-in was settled at a neat 8,000 EUR. Only 8 players remained out of the 848 players who entered into the competition and generated a whopping 8,480,000 EUR in total prizes pool.

EPT Monte Carlo - Live Coverage

PokerStars Pulls Out Their Balls and Rackets to Sign a Tennis Star

PokerStars has once again strengthened its SportStars line-up with the signing of the highly talented 23 years old tennis player Gael Monfils. PokerStars doesn’t only welcome poker pros, but also supports sport celebrities among its endorsed players, including Boris Becker, Mats Sundin and the rugby player Sébastien Chabal.

The French player is well-known for his fantastic physical abilities and has been a professional tennis player since 2004. His biggest Grand Slam success came in 2008, when he made it to the semi finals at the Roland Garros. Monfils is one of the biggest showmen of the tennis world, mainly because of his acrobatic charisma. Until now, he has slammed together over $3,605,000 over his tennis career and PokerStars will add to this collection.

Has Barry Greenstein Really Played the Phantom Isildur1?

Thanks to Pokertube, we now have access to an exclusive interview with Barry Greenstein at the EPT Monte Carlo, where he made some interesting comments. Barry Greenstein, a well-known high stakes player and PokerStars Pro Team member, claimed to have played against the mysterious phantom Isildur1 in his interview. He stated that Isildur1 is Viktor Blom.

Barry Greenstein vs Isildur1

It was when Greenstein was talking about last year’s WSOPE in London that he mentioned having played against Isildur1. Barry also mentions how much of a poker addict Isildur1 really is.

Cole South Drops CardRunners

The American online professional poker tutor Cole 'CTS' South announced he would like to concentrate on his studies and poker in the future, which he could not really focus on while being a tutor at CardRunners.

Cole South
Cole South and the CardRunners founder Taylor Caby

Cole South made official announcements of his decision to depart from the CardRunners via an online bolg entry on the 27th April.

"I have had an amazing experience as a lead instructor with Cardrunners over the past few years, but today I am announcing my departure from the company," Cole South announces in his recent blog entry, titled “Moving On and Good Luck”.

Patrik Antonius Slowly Makes an Upturn Out of His Downswing

The Finnish high stakes poker player until April has lost more than 3 million dollars on Full Tilt Poker. This month, however, he is leading the profit list, making up for most of his downturn this year.

Patrik Antonius - Full Tilt Poker Pro

Patrik Antonius has been one of the biggest winners at Full Tilt Poker for years now. However, in 2010, this changed for the worse: Antonius’s outgoings exceeded $3,015,400 until 31st March and secured the title of the biggest loser at Full Tilt.

Poker Surface – Could It Be the New Dimension of Live Poker?

University students developed the latest hybrid of live and online poker, Poker Surface, which can be controlled by either a mobile phone or a touch-sensitive surface. Poker Surface is already raising eyebrows with big companies showing great interest in the product.

Although those in favoring live poker will probabrly never say goodbye to the feel of real chips, a real deck of cards and a fancy dealer lady, the combination of live and online poker has been challenging the developers for years now. The first electronic poker tables made their debut in 2008, and today they can be found in several popular casinos, including the recently finished Aria in Las Vegas.

The Blog of the Multitable King

Randy  ’nanonoko’ Lew, considered the best multi-table poker player of all time, recently started a new official blog, in which he does not only talk about his poker career, but also provides a sneak peek into his everyday life.


Randy ’nanonoko’ Lew was a student at the California Davis University (UC Davis) before he  became a well-known name in the poker world. Nanonoko was also recognized for being a well-known arcade game player before he caught on to poker. He specialized in the game Marvel vs Capcom 2 and won several international championships. He first met Hevad Khan within one of these events (Khan converted from games to cards as well). Khan managed to persuade nanonoko to try himself out in the world of online poker.

Nanonoko vs. Antonius – Unusual Hand Analysis

Randy ’Nanonoko’ Lew, considered the king of multi-table poker and Patrik Antonius, the best performing high stakes player of 2009, had a duel on day one of the European Poker Tour Monte Carlo. 

Randy ’Nanonoko’ Lew, a member of the PokerStars professional online team reminisced over the events of the EPT Monte Carlo, where he was set packing home during the first day. One of his opponents was the best high stakes player of last year, the Full Tilt-pro Patrik Antonius.

The American analyzes his most important hand, where he used his creative artistic skills to animate the outcome of the event.

High Stakes Poker Season 6 – Another nightmare-like day for Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu’s downswing continues in the eleventh episode of High Stakes Poker Season 6. The ‘run it twice’ option didn’t help, and  Mike Matusow ripped Daniel off just as much as he could.

In the latest episode of HSP, Tom 'durrrr' Dwan, Daniel Negreanu, David Benyamine, Eli Elezra, Mike 'The Mouth' Matusow, Phil 'OMGClayAiken' Galfond, Bertrand 'ElkY' Grospellier and Doyle Brunson were the ones that brought us the action in the Golden Nugget.

The World’s Best Casinos - Top 10 List

Here, I am going to introduce the top ten poker temples to make or break you. These are the places where dreams can come true and the luxury of the kings is standard. With millions of dollars turning over every day it’s every poker player’s dream to experience the atmosphere offered by these venues at least once in their life.

Casino de Monte Carlo (Monaco)

The casino was built in 1863 and still is one of the main attractions for tourists in Monaco. The casino had a dramatic impact on Monte Carlo’s reputation to be one of the best places to gamble at in Europe. The Casino Monte Carlo was designed by Charles Garnier, who also designed the Opera House in Paris. The casino’s looks are pleasant to the eyes, with a historic yet modern appeal. It also houses a theatre, which is the venue for opera and ballet performances.
The casino appears in many world famous movies, such as several James Bond films (like GoldenEye and Never Say Never Again) and Eugene Levy’s blockbuster, Once Upon a Crime.
Besides poker, players can enjoy roulette, blackjack, bacarat, craps, trente et quarente and 316 slot machines.

Casino de Monte Carlo (Monaco)

Always Continuation Bet a King High Uncoordinated Flop

Are you the player, who always continuation bet a flop, after a preflop raise? Or are you the one, who just bet, if you hit the flop? Neither is good. If you do not hit hit the board you have to carefully analyse the flop texture and villain’s tendencies before you decide about your flop play.

The more villain folds to continuation bet, the more times you have to bet. And also the more uncoordinated the flop, the more times you have to bet.

But there is a flop when you almost always have to bet, and this is a king high uncoordinated flop. It does not matter if you do not connect to any piece of the flop. Just bet it.

Villains will fold the majority of the time. But if you got called follow carefully.

Play a Hand with Me - Thin Value Bets with 77

$0.50/$1  No Limit Holdem
5 Players

UTG  (Hero) $104
CO  $25
BTN  $102
SB  $185
BB $100

($1.50, 5 players) Hero is UTG with
7h 7s
Hero raises to $3, 1 fold, BTN calls $3, 2 folds

Flop: ($7.50, 2 players)
:4c 6c 4s
Hero bets $6, BTN calls $6

Turn: ($19.50, 2 players)
Hero bets $14, BTN calls $14

River: ($47.50, 2 players)

This hand was played by one of my friends. Let’s see how the hand was played out by him until the river. Preflop it is a clear bet. The flop and turn bets are for protection and also for thin value. But how do you feel about this river card?

EPT San Remo – Liv Boeree, Queen of the Riviera

The stunning poker player Liv Boeree is once again in the spotlight after winning the PokerStars European Poker Tour San Remo event, beating the online professional Jakob ’mendieta19’ Carlsson in the heads-up.

Liv Boeree

The final 8-player table of the €5,300 buy-in EPT Main Event in San Remo started with the 22 year-old Swedish online poker player Jakob ’mendieta19’ Carlsson having a superior advantage over everyone else. Carlsson had almost three times the amount of chips as the 18 year-old Toni Petterson who came in second after the chip count.

Become the Governor of Texas

Get ready for some great entertainment in Youda's new game, the Governor of Poker. Just being a newbie at this game my first impression where Wow! What a creative and exciting platform to relax a play some fun Texas Hold’em Poker. The Governor of Poker is not like any other poker game I have ever played and definitely stands out with its uniqueness.

Governor of Poker

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