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The Story of the Best Poker Player in the World?

On the 11th August, a strange video appeared on the Internet, featuring Daniel Negreanu, Arnaud Mattern and Tiffany Michelle. They all are talking about a mysterious  person, a ‘poker god’, who is better than anyone in the world (including Phil Ivey) and whose identity remains concealed in this first video.

When the video appeared, it started a guessing frenzy, with people from all around the world 'yelling' names like Isildur1, Viktor Blom, and even 'the Ghost of Stu Ungar'.

Well, now that we have passed the 15th August, we know that this special person, the Poker God is no other than Chris Olaafson.

Zynga Texas Hold’em Might Provide Real Money Games in the Future

Zynga, the most successful application creator has signed another five-year contract with Facebook. Zynga has countless other successful applications available on Facebook, including titles, such as Mafia Wars, Farmville and CaféWorld. Over 65 million people play their games every day, and this is only the Facebook users.

Zynga Poker

Developers like Zynga are able to write any software and application for Facebook, which gets easily publicised through the enormous and ever-growing community of people on the biggest community network. For example, if we install the Zynga Texas Hold’em application on Facebook, we will be able to challenge not only our friends, but also relatives overseas and the friends of our friends.

The Godfather of Online Poker (Part IV)

Eponymus’ Photoshop comic strip ‘The Godfather of Online Poker’ continues with Part IV, in which Patrik Corleone plans to take out Sebozzo. It’s nothing personal, of course, just poker…

Godfather of Poker IV.

The Godfather of Online Poker (Part III)

Eponymus’s hilarious photoshop comic strip continues with the third part, in which the online poker community continues to diminish. In other words, it is not only Jimmy ’Gobboboy’ Fricke who plays with the fish. Enjoy!

The Godfather of Online Poker (Part II)

2+2 user Eponymous has posted the second part of his hilarious photoshop comic strip, in which we see the Full Tilt crew clash with the Cereus Network.

This comic strip is based on the hit classic, The Godfather, created by Francis Ford Coppola. Things get even more complicated with a few twists and turns in this latest edition, with Jimmy ’Gobboboy’ Fricke being the biggest loser in this brutal poker tale. Enjoy!

Phil Hellmuth Appearing in the New Ludacris Videoclip, Titled 'Sex Room'

With Everest Poker being featured in the latest David Guetta hit music video and PokerStars in Snoop Dogg's videoclip, could this be the next big thing in marketing online poker rooms? Well, UB poker believes so, with them also jumping into this latest way to target new potential customers by securing a placement in Ludacris latest videoclip, titled 'Sex Room'.

Watch Out Lady Gaga! Christopher Walken Could Be the Next Poker Face

Success came to Lady Gaga with the popular single Pokerface, which dominated the music charts around the globe for weeks at end. Lady Gaga, well-known for her controversial clothing, make-up, attitude and the debate over her gender, is also, under all this, a talented musician.

This day and age, where we have computers and other electronic tools to help us improve our lifestyles, our voices and even our music, it is very easy for artists to put together catchy tunes and pop songs, even if the lyrics or the singer’s voice is pretty ordinary. This was clearly demonstrated, when Christopher Walken went on the BBC show 'Friday Night with Jonathan Ross' and read out the lyrics of Lady Gaga’s hit single Pokerface.

One More Poker Related Hitler Video

From time to time, we can see rewritten editions of the Hitler war movie. In this latest clip we can see Hitler talking about Isildur1 and how he is doing in the world of poker. Publishers of this new video have made it really hilarious this time, with the theme of Isildur1 owing Hitler large sums of money. Other poker celebrities including durrrr, Patrik Antonius and Phil Hellmuth also get a mention in the 4-minute clip, with fresh gossip and current poker situations of each star being reenacted.

Have fun and enjoy the new clip!

New Eponymous Comic - The Godfather of Poker

A member of the 2+2 forum, Eponymous makes comics on a regular basis with the help of Photoshop. With his latest comic strip he has once again outdone himself. This new comic strip was inspired by the all-time classic ’The Godfather’ by Francis Ford Coppola and features the Full Tilt Poker team. Enjoy!

No Getting Over Everest Poker Appearing in the New David Guetta Music Video

With music being the new hip-hop way to advertise products, Everest Poker is jumping on the band wagon like PokerStars has earlier already done so.

Everest Poker gets featured in the new hit single with David Guetta, Fergie, LMFAO, & Chris Willis. This brand new David Guetta video was published yesterday on YouTube and David Guetta's official website. The Everest Poker tables shown in the video clip are play money tables.

I wonder how much Everest Poker payed for the one second appereance.

Miss USA 2010 Crowned in Las Vegas

Rima Fakih a 24-year old Brunette from Michigan is now Miss USA 2010 after winning the title this Sunday in Las Vegas. Rima managed to knockout 51 other competitors as she progressed her way up through the swimsuit, evening gown and interview competitions to secure the number one spot.

Rima Fakih

Phil Ivey Getting More Than Just a Massage

As I was browsing through the 2+2 forum the other day I came across a hilarious post by 2+2 members. In the thread entitled 'Phil Ivey Photoshop potential', a newbie member ‘jaybeee’ displayed an already funny photo of Phil Ivey getting a head massage at the EPT Grand Finale in Monte Carlo. Jaybeee then goes on to encourage all the Photoshop wizards out there to have a go to increase its potential, with some very funny results.

Phil Ivey Photoshop Potential
The epic thread-starting photo Smile

Top 30 Hottest Poker Ladies

Editors of the American Bleacher Report put together on a yearly basis the top 30 hottest female poker stars for the year. The new list has just been published a couple of days ago and, as usual, holds a few surprises. Editors of the Bleacher Report mainly judged the contendents by their looks and didn’t disqualify entrance into the list even if the only connection to poker the ladies hold is that they know which card is which. Some of the big names in the game also made is to the top 30, and a few pros even managed to secure a place in the top 10.

30th position was taken by the wife of the American WPT winner Michael Mizrachi. Lily ’Mrs Grinder’ Elviro’s best result came in 2005, when she took 27th place in the WPT World Poker Challenge. Her total live career winnings equate to $67,018 with seven money finishes.

Lily Elviro
Lily Elviro

No Money Heads Up, Everyone is Solid

Has it really gotten impossible to win money by playing heads up? Crazychips has started a topic at the TwoPlusTwo forums with the title ‘No Money Heads Up, Everyone is Solid’. He is mainly complaining about having played small stakes NLHE for the past four years, with barely any profit. He claims that the heads up field and player base is pretty solid, with almost no fish at all.

As always, a few members of the TwoPlusTwo community chose to react to this post in a quite creative way. I have selected some of the funniest ones. Enjoy!

This first one is a short music clip made by IheardJoeblows:

Where Would They Be Now if It Wasn’t for Poker?

What would the multi-millionaire poker players of our time be doing if a poker career wasn’t their profession? The members of 2+2 have got together again to try and answer this unusual question with the help of Photoshop to come up with some alternative professions that would most probably suit these well-known stars. I have made an assortment of the finest ones available.

Doyle Brunson driver
Doyle Brunson, the roaming cowboy

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