10 Biggest Misconceptions About Online Casinos

Those who remember the early days of the Internet, or dial-up service know that any online business wasn’t taken too seriously. The hops we had to go through in order to get online simply made any online business impractical.


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The same goes for online casinos and the ones that were created initially, as they were seen as just the gag. However, times change, and with the rise of the iGaming industry, our perception of this form of entertainment changed. This is one of the most profitable businesses, and many players are regularly playing. That being said, there are lots of misconceptions concerning online casinos, among gambling enthusiasts and those who don’t gamble at all. So, let’s address them.

Games Are Rigged

Many believe that because games are designed by developers that they are rigged not to let you win. This is possible of course, but that’s not the case, and there are also instances when people win ridiculous amounts of money. Casino sites mainly host the games from developer companies; these titles are not specifically designed for each operator. Moreover, the development companies and the games they sell are audited and tested for fair play. If they were rigged, people would be getting a lot richer simply by filing lawsuits against casinos.

Online Casinos Won’t Let You Withdraw Money

Once again this is not true. It is true that there are illegal operators or unregulated platforms that probably scammed people for their money. Casinos can review the payment and usually do, and have the right to deny the transfer if they notice irregularities or if some parts of the terms and conditions are not met. But legitimate platforms actually want to allow quick withdrawals, and they compete in this payment processing efficiency. Sites even market themselves as instant withdrawal casinos because they can get more users that way. Players feel a lot safer if they can easily access their money, and operators want to provide a better user experience.

Online Jackpot Payouts Are Done on Purpose

Many think that jackpots are rigged in order to disprove the previous misconceptions that casino games are a scam and that they don’t allow you to withdraw funds. Also, older slot machines used to have a cap or could payout by overheating.

Once again this is not true, because, one these are not mechanical machines; and two, the games are audited. Casinos are obliged to display an RTP rate of each game and the amount displayed as a jackpot never belonged to a casino in the first place. Jackpots are extremely rare and players know that the best online casino payouts are platforms where people manage to hit the jackpot and that handle those big payments effectively. Since Jackpots are progressive and will take time to refill whenever someone wins casinos would lose money by rigging them.

The Bigger the Bonus the Better

Online casinos offer lots of bonuses, but they are not necessarily good. Some of these bonuses have heavy wagering requirements, so if you win using these bonus funds it just won’t feel that great. This is because you will have to meet the wagering requirements before you can withdraw their winnings. In these cases, casinos can refuse to payout, which is how the whole previous myth probably started. There are really good bonuses out there that aren’t necessarily free spins or deposit multipliers. They are called cashback offers and they effectively mitigate your losses.

Bonuses Are Scam

Once again bonuses only have wagering requirements and they are not a scam. However, lots of players felt bad when they were denied access to their winnings because they didn’t read the terms and conditions. Since then, casinos actually started reducing these wagering requirements or even made no wagering promotions.

Online Casino Gambling is Illegal

This is partially true because there are a lot of countries where it is illegal. Still, this doesn’t mean that people cannot play. Users rely on VPN to bypass this country ban and access the gambling site. There are countries, like Canada, where offering these services is illegal, but the act of gambling online is perfectly legal. Meaning users can simply play on a foreign platform.

Players Are Not Allowed to Count Cards

Players who know how to count cards and are exceptionally good at math are likely to win against the casino in the game of Blackjack. This is why there is a myth that card counting is illegal, and this is just not true. However, casinos can deny you access to blackjack if they notice you are constantly winning. You cannot be sued or charged with anything simply because you are good at the game.

Online Gambling is More Addicting than Regular Casinos

Gambling is a controversial topic because some people are regarded as problem gamblers. The activity can lead to addiction and governments take it really seriously. The reason casinos are so regulated is that they want to avoid this occurrence, even if only a small percentage of players are actually problem gamblers. However, whether it is online or offline plays no role. Online gambling is more accessible and has a bigger player base because of it. The games are pretty much the same, so it’s equally addicting as regular casinos.

Games Are Pure Luck

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Partially true but most of the gamblers will disagree. People who play blackjack, poker, or wager on sports don’t regard this as a pure chance. They rely on their knowledge and tactics to win. Even if you play slots and carefully leverage cashback bonuses you are implementing some sort of strategy.

Online Casinos Are for Underaged Users

Back in the early days, online activity was not regulated and underaged citizens had access to mature content. Nowadays, casinos implement KYC policy and due diligence on their users, so if they find out someone is under 18 they suspend that account. That being said, they cannot prevent someone who is using a verified account from playing. That’s the responsibility of a parent to monitor what a kid or teenager is doing online from time to time.


These were some of the most common misconceptions people have regarding online casinos. If you also viewed things from this perspective, then maybe your opinion has slightly changed after reading the text. This is still a relatively young form of entertainment, and the online world is filled with fraud, so it’s understandable if someone doesn’t trust platforms like casinos.