$100,000 prop bet - pads1161 and becb789 vs C.Darwin2 and lena900

The best online tournament players teamed up to decide who is the end boss of the format.

(credit: twitter.com/pokershares)

An exciting prop bet, announced by Patrick "plenopads" Leonard on Twitter, gets the poker community excited. The PartyPoker Ambassador, Patrick has been releasing his "Power Rankings" of online MTT players lately, which divided the poker world.

Patrick has a great respect for his opponents

Leonard ranked C.Darwin2 as the number one player on the list, but he excluded himself and some of his close poker friends and now it looks like, he thinks be could achieve better results during the ongoing 2018 SCOOP and $40,000,000 POWERFEST.

According to the rules, whichever duo wins the most in the two online poker festival, wins the $100K side bet. Only tournaments with $109+ buy-ins and $100K+ prize pools count and they excluded the $25,000 events, because if someone can manage to hit a huge score in one of those, it would have too big of an effect on the results.

Patrick is really motivated and confident, as he said:

“It’s just for fun. They [‘C Darwin2’ and ‘lena900’] are seen as the best MTT players in the world and we are very confident in ourselves too. I don’t think either side has a huge edge but it’s fun to gamble like this and it’s good for the community to follow along. When you play by yourself in a series and when things go bad it’s easy to start punting. When you’re part of a team, and Ben will be counting on me playing my A-game, then it means I’ll play as focused as possible so my overall EV from the series increases.”

The British/German team is currently in the lead over the Swedes, mostly thanks to a $110K score from Leonard.

The current results

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