$16 million on the table - crazy high-stakes cash game in Jeju

While the tournaments are almost over at the Triton SHR in South-Korea, there is no shortage of nosebleed stakes and huge prop bets.

"I feel like I was born to play the highest stakes games there are."

Triton SHR Jeju is about the end, but the gamblers are still in town, providing us with the most insane cash game action ever. As it is usual, when wealthy businessmen sit down with high-stakes pros, things get crazy in a blink of an eye. This is exactly what happened in the Triton Million Dollar Cash Game.

The Supervisor of the game, J.P. Park shared some things about the session: “I’ve been around poker for a long time, and that was the most exciting game I’ve ever seen,” J.P. said. “The million dollar cash game was the biggest cash game I have ever been involved with. They started with roughly $8 million, about a million per person, on the table. And at one point there was $16 million on the table.”

“These guys were actually playing,” he added. “They were gambling. Nobody was playing tight.”

Unlike at the televised cash games we've seen before, smoking and drinking was part of the view, guaranteeing an action-heavy game. Usually, the highest-stakes games are filled with top-notch players and a few businessmen, but this was not the case this time. This cash game was dominated by the recreationals, who were joined by few lucky pros.

Jason Koon was one of the participants. Even though this was something Jason is not entirely familiar with, it looked like he'd take it every day and twice on Sunday: “It’s definitely a sacrifice for me. I’m very health oriented and I do my best to take care of myself all the time. So it’s really hard for me to be around that. But when I come here I kind of realize my physical health is going to take a hit. But hopefully, my bankroll will increase in the long run. I definitely wish it wasn’t the case, but if people are here and they want to play for the biggest stakes in the world and they don’t mind losing millions of dollars, you get to blow some smoke in my face, I guess.”

Other than Koon, Patrik Antonius also represented the pros in the line-up. As a long-time high-stakes cash game grinder, Patrik was extremely enthusiast about the game: "I feel like I was born to play the highest stakes games there are,” Antonius said. “I play my best poker there. It brings the best out of me when we play for big money. I feel like it's the same. For me, that's one of the reasons why I've been doing well. I don't even think about or notice the cameras. I just play. It's like any game for me."

The two were playing against the biggest Asian gamblers with the likes of Paul Phua, Wai King Yong or fellow professional, Rui Cao. The footage is not available as of this time, but according to Triton officials, the tapings can be expected in the next two-three weeks.

We certainly can't wait to see them!