2+2: Best Chat Replies Ever

A 2+2 thread with the title “Worst Interview Ever” hit the forum quite a while back, but is still active and popular. Many of the funniest replies by Full Tilt Poker pros, mainly Phil Ivey, are there in response to equally lot of the dumbest questions from “experienced” members of the poker community. Definitely not interviews (thread title FAIL), they are absolutely worth checking out.

Phil Ivey
Phil Ivey

QUESTION FROM bxtony: Phil, would you let David Sklansky babysit your kids?
ANSWER FROM Phil Ivey: lol

QUESTION FROM pgraduate: whats your favorite poker hand?
ANSWER FROM Phil Ivey: royal flush

QUESTION FROM phareal15: Hey phil you look like tiger woods
ANSWER FROM Phil Ivey: lol i don't think so

QUESTION FROM nestea8: can u beat nl25?
ANSWER FROM Phil Ivey: who is that?

QUESTION FROM thoompje: hello mr ivey who do you think is best player in the world?
ANSWER FROM Phil Ivey: tiger woods

QUESTION FROM BGM1: could you ever bluff a godess like shannon elizabeth on pokertable or be gentleman?
ANSWER FROM Phil Ivey: i would bluff my grandmother

QUESTION FROM GregAlkins8: phil
ANSWER FROM Phil Ivey: greg

QUESTION FROM Henry590: For someone who wants to play HORSE, and has only played NlH, what game is the most important and/or difficult to learn first? And also who do you consider the best allround player today?
ANSWER FROM Phil Ivey: horse

QUESTION FROM Blaahjelm: did u vote yesterday?
ANSWER FROM Mike Matusow: no convicted felons cant vote

QUESTION FROM potbet1983: hey phil how do you keep hold your poker face so well
ANSWER FROM Phil Ivey: i was born with it

QUESTION FROM kawaiola50: is there a way i can find if my tounament is over
ANSWER FROM Roland de Wolfe: when u have no chips

QUESTION FROM Miss Pickle: Mr. Ivey... I do great at ring games and make money but I tend to lose in tournaments. What can help me?
ANSWER FROM Phil Ivey: yeah jus play ring games lol

QUESTION FROM scotto159: what is 2+2??????
ANSWER FROM Phil Gordon: An internet forum where all participants hate me.

ANSWER FROM Matt Hawrilenko: no, sorry. try again later.

QUESTION FROM Mindpolice: hi Tom? what you think about russian players?
ANSWER FROM durrrr: theyr russian

If you are interested in more, visit the original TwoPlusTwo thread or Full Tilt Poker’s own archives.