5 Strategies to maximize your poker profits

If you would like to play poker not just for fun but because of the money or as a profession here are five tips for getting more value from your poker hands:


While most amateurs think professional poker players only make money by outsmarting their opponents at the tables, in reality, a significant portion of their money comes from bonuses and other perks offered by the casinos. This leads us to the first thing you should always consider when choosing an online room.

1. Do not miss the best deals

In addition to rakeback, the most important things you should pay attention to are the various bonuses. In addition to rakeback, these bonuses can make a significant contribution to your total revenue. Before choosing a poker site or an online casino, you may want to consider sites where you can get a bonus without a deposit. The latest free no deposit poker bonuses are available at No-Deposit.com.

2. Target the less-experienced players

The good amount of your profits comes from inexperienced players. These players play more hands pre-flop, limp or call with any pretty holding. Moreover they are willing to stay in with just about any pair. Profit comes from poker when you make better decisions that the ones you are playing with. You should look for opportunities to see the flop, heads-up, against your opponents being less experienced while holding a hand superior. It’s crucial to remember that these lesser-skilled players could become your “friends”. You want them happy and willing to play with you, so don’t scold them.

3. Focus!

Game time! It’s time to focus on implementing the skills you’re learning off the felt, to pay attention to the action, to learn about your opponents and devise ways to exploit their tendencies. In case you feel distracted, you should force yourself to pay attention to all the information coming at your way. Despite you fold your hand; it is not game over you should observe the others how they play their hand. Take your notes in mind: who 3-bets, who limps and calls, who c-bet bluffs a lot, and who never folds their draws. Watch showdowns and reruns the action of the hand which will help you understand the logic of your opponents use in their decisions. Such knowledge is invaluable to making profitable plays and building your chip stack.

4. Making the right folds

There is an old saying - “a penny saved is a penny earned”. This also applies in poker as well. Minimize your loss if you does not have the strongest hand is as important as maximize it (your profit) when you have the strongest hand, if it is not more important. You can achieve it if you can read the player type that you are up against and respect his / her bets more. Player types are very important to be recognised, because often these days you will encounter a lot of extremely tight regulars at these limits who are simply auto-piloting on a dozen tables or more. When players like this start barreling you or raising you — especially on the big money streets (turn and river) — this is often a sure sign that they have a big hand. Believe me, they didn’t just decide to pick on you out of the blue.

5. Do not tilt

If you will be able to control your emotions during the play it could be the single most important step overall. Tilt can be a killer of your bankrolls and dreams. When you are playing against not so good players who like to call on, you are going to get beat more often than before. Such player might sometimes hit some ridiculous two pair on the river beating you. Poker can cause you being stressful in such situations however, you should overcome it to be able to stand up from the table as the winner.