7 Poker Tips to Help Improve Your Game

No matter your experience, there are always ways to sharpen your skills, along with a little bit of luck, these Texas hold’em tips can get you on your way to making serious money.

An easy game to learn, but if you want to master the game of Poker and leave the table a winner, you need to know your stuff.

1. It's All About Your Position.

“On the button” is where you wanna be, it means you will be the last person to act in the majority of rounds - after the flop, the river and the turn. This is without a doubt, the best position to be in as you are can see just how many people are still in the hand, allowing you to make better-informed acts when it comes around to you.

Being in the best position, whether playing in person or with a live casino, is a blessing, but it's also key to ensure you aren't in the worst ones. The two blinds (big and small) are seats you want to avoid to prevent a costly mistake: the small blind is the seat two from the dealer's right side and the big blind is the seat immediately right to that. These seats are to be avoided as they do not allow you to gather enough information about the other players before you are forced to act.

2. Maths Is Your Friend.

The games are based on the possibility of a 52 card deck, which can be mathematically manipulated, but as you know - or maybe you don't - counting cards is not an option. But, this doesn't mean that you cannot allow the logic to guide you in your decision making.

3. Know Your Stuff.

You can never know too much, so brushing up on your knowledge, such as odd, can lead you to make better decisions at the table, don't leave too much up to luck.

4. Keep Your Opponents in Mind.

It's all well and good concerning yourself with your cards, but it's important to keep an eye on the other players. From their position to acts and even to their table talk, you need to keep your eyes, ears and focus on the game, but watch what comes from your mouth, you don't want to let anything slip.

Getting a grasp on the other players can help you anticipate their next moves, to determine your own as their habits can lead you to steal the game. Everything you can learn from their playing, you can exploit in your favour, little advantages here and there can add up, just as the winnings will.

5. Only Play When You’re In The Mood.

The game is supposed to be just that - a game - so have fun, whether you are playing for sport or as a hobby, you will find you perform better when in high spirits. Save the game for a good day, it's not going anywhere. Heading into a game with the wrong mindset will throw off your game and little things will affect you more than normal. Frustration is a one-way ticket to a bad game, you might as well flush your money down the toilet.

6. You’re Not There To Make Friends.

Everyone makes mistakes, but when they do, you would be too if you weren't to use it to your advantage. There are tells for when players are fighting against a bad hand, like calling multiple bets or not checking their hands, so take the opportunity to call their bluff.

7. Don't Be Afraid to Fold.

A good player - a smart player - knows that folding a good hand when they are beaten can be beneficial to their game, they think about winning the war, the battles aren't important. Instinct and desire to win make a fold less than desirable, one wants to admit defeat, but if you are unsure on a play it's safer to fold and hold onto your money, than to risk it.