$7.4 million in five years - Cumicon quits poker

Enigmatic high stakes player 'cumicon' posted his impressive results in an online forum to announce his retirement from poker.

cumicon chose to stay under the radar for many years

Many people complain about online games getting impossibly tough to beat. However, there are some players who - instead of whining - work hard on their games and crush the highest stakes for seven figures. Usually the general public can't get a look on the results of these top players and therefore it's always a great opportunity when a nosebleed regular decides to share his graphs and statistics.

Cumicon is a long time high stakes player, who was already considered by his peers as one of the toughest opponents. After posting his graph online, this opinion became fact, supported by concrete evidence. Take a look at his impressive results


Nothing to explain here

As it can be seen on the pictures above, most of cumicon's winnigs came from $25/$50 tables, even though he crushed everything from $2/$4 all the way up to $200/$400. He didn't really seem to care whether the tables were zoom(fast) or regular either as he played 300 thousand hands on zoom tables and one million hands on regular tables with the average winrate of 25.3bb/100 - a number most players can only dream about. His $7.4 million profit is insane by itself, but the fact that he ran $1 million below EV makes his performence even more extreme.

Stats of an end boss

All of the poker world went crazy about his post but he remained quite calm and didn't share many details about his carreer and future goals either. However, as Joe Ingram later announced, cumicon will be his very next guest in his podcast and they will cover many of the questions raised by other players in the forum thread.

The only thing certain is that cumicon stands as a role model and motivation for anyone. Oh, and also, the games' just got a little less tough after his quit.

photocredit: twoplustwo