The action continues at the 2018 Aussie Millions, even Tom "durrrr" Dwan showed up

Many events have already finished in Crown Casino, with some of the biggest names falling and rising in the competition. High-stakes superstars Tom Dwan pay a visit too.

The third event of the festival was the A$1,150 No Limit Hold'em - Shot Clock Shootout. The event attracted 192 players and this time it was Australian Jason Brown, who got the best of it as he took down the tournament for A$49,200($39,398) after beating Thomas Mühlöcker of Austria, who won the very same event last year.

Final results

Place Player Prize
1 Jason Brown A$49,200
2 Thomas Mühlöcker A$32,475
3 Craig Landry A$20,670
4 Harold Schmidt A$16,735
5 Vasco Zapantzis A$13,285
6 Hon Cheong Lee A$10,825


As Pot Limit Omaha is getting more and more popular it was no surprise to see a healthy field of 284 at A$1,150 PLO event. It looks like the Aussies do pretty good for themselves at their home festival. Local Andrew Locke managed to win the event for the first prize of A$69,140($55,248).

Final results

Place Player Prize
1 Andrew Locke A$69,140
2 Chuyue Cui A$44,390
3 Gerald Karlic A$28,380
4 Antonis Kambouroglou A$22,560
5 Nipun Java A$17,035
6 David Wang A$13,825

Andrew Locke

Event #5 A$1,150 NLHE - Mix Max has a unique structure, where the players start 9-handed, later play at 6-handed tables and finish the tournament in heads-up format. With this format, the winner certainly has to be skilled in all kinds of setup and Bas de Laat from the Netherlands proved he has what it takes to become the champion. He earned A$72,155($57,658) by outlasting 284 of his peers.

Final results

Place Player Prize
1 Bas de Laat A$72,155
2 Adam Agresta A$47,475
3 Michael Gathy A$23,740
4 Terry Schumacher A$23,740
5 Yu Kurita A$9,860
6 Alexander Rodriguez A$9,860

The A$1,150 NLHE - Six-Max event generated 598 entries and seasoned pro, Chance Kornuth the last man standing in which made him A$134,850($107,925) richer. Chance beat Malaysia's Christopher Soyza in the heads up. 

Final results

Place Player Prize
1 Chance Kornuth A$134,850
2 Christopher Soyza A$84,280
3 Panayotis Flourentzoo A$52,100
4 Casey Kastle A$39,230
5 Paul Hockin A$26,975
6 Scott Sanders A$21,455

Richard Ashby is considered an outstanding all-around player and he certainly has a big confident after winning the A$2,500 8-game Mixed Event. Richard beat 71 of his opponents - Walter Treccarichi for the last of them - and took home A$52,720($42,104) for his efforts.

Richard Ashby

Final results

Place Player Prize
1 Richard Ashby A$52,720
2 Walter Treccarichi A$33,545
3 Samuel Panzica II A$22,365
4 Felipe Ramos A$17,570
5 Benny Glaser A$12,780
6 Thomas Scholze A$11,185

The counting of the entrants in the A$1,150 NLHE Accumulator stopped at 687, which made the tournament the second biggest at this year's Aussie Millions. This event was taken down by Australian Eugene Portlen which made him A$154,925($123,728) richer.

Final results

Place Player Prize
1 Eugene Portlen A$154,925
2 Cheng-Wei Yin A$96,825
3 Victor Teng A$59,855
4 Natalie The A$45,070
5 Frank Koopmann A$30,990
6 Samuel Butters A$24,645

Ben Lamb with fellow champion Chance Kornuth (on the left)

The lowest buy-in high roller, the A$25,000 Challenge generated 114 entries with the biggest names of the poker world, showing up to play. Ben Lamb was the bests of the best this time, he won the challenge and the A$647,114($$524,764) coming with it. He beat Jan Schwippert from Germany in the duel.

Final results

Place Player Prize
1 Ben Lamb A$647,114
2 Jan Schwippert A$506,160
3 Wayne Yap A$328,320
4 Hui Chen-Kuo A$246,240
5 Jack Salter A$177,840
6 Roger Teska A$123,120

With its 4 entries, the A$50,000 Challenge was a huge disappointment for the organizers. Jan Schwippert was one of the four players to enter the tournament, and he repeated his performance as he got second for A$77,600($62,958) losing to Canada's Sam Greenwood, who cashed for A$116,400($94,437) by winning the less massive event.

Final results

Place Player Prize
1 Sam Greenwood A$116,400
2 Jan Schwippert A$77,600


Other good news for the fans that Tom "durrrr" Dwan is apparently well and enjoys life his beautiful soon-to-be-wife. The two were seen in Australia and Tom's fianceé was kind enough to post some photos of their vacation on her Instagram page, making sure all to rumours of Tom being captured by the Triads end.

Alive and well

Another high-stakes baller, Phil Ivey made headlines a few weeks back, after a fellow poker pro posted a picture of Phil on his way to Australia. Everyone thought Phil was going to jump back to the tournament business, but it looks like he had other things in mind as he didn't attend any of the events.