Another Chance for Australian Online Poker

Back in March things looked bleak for Australian poker players: their Senate voted overwhelmingly against granting exceptions for online poker from new online betting restrictions. Now, it seems it was worth fighting against the decision: the Senate is willing to have an inquiry about the fate of the card game afterall. The inquiry is set to take place before September 14th.

There are a few people to whom Aussie players owe gratitude for this hopeful turn of events.

Sen. David Leyonhjelm stood up for the respectable game of skill, poker and called the Senate decision "stupid" multiple times. He was the one pushing for an inquiry from the get-go.

Australian Online Poker Alliance leader Joseph Del Duca was the one who tried to keep everyone's spirits up by emphasizing that the matter is not settled yet. It may have seemed overly optimistic at the time, but now saving online poker in Australia looks a lot more plausible.

Del Duce said this about the new developments:

"This great news for the Australian Poker Community would not have been possible without the hard work of the many thousands of Aussie players who took part in our campaign.The number of people we had contact their local MPs through emails, social media, letter writing and phone calls was amazing.

As a community we showed that when we work together as one, we can make sure our voices are heard. We said from day one that all we wanted was a fair fight. We have that now and it is important that we make the most of it.

We will need as many Aussie poker players as possible making submissions and stating the case as to why safe, regulated online poker in Australia is in our nation’s best interest. If players haven’t done so already they are encouraged to head to our website and leave their details so they can be kept informed of updates and important information about the inquiry."