Aussie Millions 2015 - Ole Schemion leads $100,000 Challenge final table, Dan Cates throws chips after getting coolered

The $100,000 Challenge at the Aussie Millions is one of the most prestigious tournaments of the year so it's not surpising to see some of the biggest names in poker at the final table, including German high roller beast Ole Schemion and Erik Seidel, who has final tables this event for a record-breaking fourth time.

There were a total of 63 entries on Day 1 of the $100,000 Challenge, by the end of the day there were only 28 players left and it was high stakes pro Jason "carrycakes" Mo who ended up as the chipleader.

Most of the players in the field are used to playing for huge stakes both online and live, and it's pretty rare to see someone lose their cool at the table, but when Dan "jungleman12" Cates is in the house the odds go up a lot.

Cates snapped when he ran his K-K into A-A for the second time in just four blind levels. In the second hand all the money (roughly 120 big blinds) went in before the flop against Jeff Rossiter, and Cates yelled out "Are you f***ing kidding me?!?!" when he saw Rossiter's hand. 

The board ran out T-T-3-3-5 and Cates grabbed his chips and threw them accross the table like a baseball. Some of the chips hit the table, some hit Rossiter in the chest and some fell onto the floor while Cates sat there steaming. The tournament staff came to the table to determine whether Rossiter had more chips then Cates. 

Eventually the staff decided that Rossiter had more chips and an angry Cates stormed off.

On Day 2 players set out to play down to the official final table and the paying spots, and players reached those coveted spots with the elimination of Dan Smith, who won this event back in 2012. Smith openshoved with K-Q and couldn't win a flip against Erik Seidel's J-J and was eliminated on the bubble.

Seidel comes to the final table third in chips and this is a mind-blowing fourth time that he has made an apperance at the $100,000 Challenge final tables and has made more than $3 million combined. 

Play will continue on Saturday from 12:30 local time so all the players have a chance to enter the Main Event, you can see the seating order and the chip standing below:

  1. Erik Seidel 1,083,000
  2. Scott Seiver 545,000
  3. Richard Yong 554,000
  4. Justin Bonomo 833,000
  5. Ole Schemion 1,888,000
  6. Alex Trevallion 291,000
  7. Dani Stern 656,000
  8. Jason Mo 1,150,000