Best Free To Play Games From Gambling Operators

Many gambling operators will provide bettors with a free-to-play game, sometimes known as a F2P, simply to try and attract new potential customers, whilst also keeping many of their current members enticed into using their services and not going elsewhere.

A free-to-play game is a game whereby a stake is not usually required, despite the potential to win a huge cash prize being on offer if it is won. This is just one type of game that can be available to play, however there are several available on the market.

It should be noted that free-to-play games do not include other forms of advertising such as screenshots or videos of games that may be available by the gambling operator, as these do not allow for interactions to take place.

Why do they offer this type of game?

It might seem a little strange to see a number of these games being offered, however there is a science to their methods. Bookmakers and sportsbooks will ultimately look to offer these types of games to try and entice punters into betting with real money on their main sites, as they will look to try and ‘hook’ them in. Think of it like a piece of bait on the end of a fishing rod. Once a bite takes place, they then have the opportunity to try and reel you in.

Whilst there are a number of great Betvictor daily jackpot promos available to take advantage of as well, these are just some of the best free-to-play games that can be accessed by bettors of a legal age.

Soccer Saturday Super 6

Perhaps one of the biggest and most popular to have hit the F2P market, SkyBet’s Soccer Saturday Super 6 game has been the reason that many of the other games have since emerged into the sports betting market.

This game will see players look to predict the final score of six of the selected matches to try and win the jackpot that is available; which can vary at times. If two or more players win, then the jackpot will be shared.

Despite being incredibly simple to play, it remains hugely popular with football fans and sports betting enthusiasts in the United Kingdom.

Pick 7 - ITV Racing

Clearly having taken inspiration from the aforementioned Super 6 game, ITV Racing have provided horse racing betting enthusiasts with something very similar. With a huge jackpot prize on offer (which, again, can be split if two or more win), punters will need to choose the winner of each of the seven races that have been selected. A free-to-play game, the game has been developed by SkyBet, thus highlighting why it gives a similar feel to the Super 6 game.

Free or 4 - William Hill

Not allowing SkyBet to have all the fun, William Hill also joined in the market by providing their own F2P game. Called ‘Free or 4’, players will need to select six games from a list in which they believe there will be three or four goals in total scored.

Up For 8 - 888 Sport

888 Sport have provided ‘Up For 8’, which is a free-to-play game that sees sports betting enthusiasts tasked with trying to simply predict the result (home-away-draw) of eight football matches that have been selected to win a jackpot prize. Furthermore, they will also win a free bet if they manage to successfully determine the outcome.