The best reads of 2017 (Part II.)

As we posted earlier 2017 was filled with big stories in the poker world. The rest of the year also had some interesting news in store for poker enthusiast.

Phil Ivey is considered by many as the best all-around poker player in the world. The whole poker community was excited when he decided to open his own training site, the Ivey League, where he promised to "teach the world to win at poker". In April the living legend made a shocking announcement regarding the site.
You can read about it here.

Poker Night in America has given the fans some exciting times. The fun and loud atmosphere always a guarantee for an enjoyable show. However, sometimes extrovert people can generate controversial situations. That is exactly what happened back in April, with Salomon "Hashtag King" Ponte at the table.You can watch his questionable behaviour here.

Fedor Holz is always a big hit, no matter what he does. Joe Ingram is always a big hit, no matter what he does. Fedor and Joe are an even bigger hit when they have a chance to talk for hours about poker, about life. Watch Fedor's appearance in the Poker Life Podcast here.

A hand played between Miss Finland, Sara Chafak and poker pro, Ronnie Bardah got the poker world talking for a long time. Players were analyzing the hand back and forth but no one really seemed to have the correct answer. And then came Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu. You can watch them analyze the hand here.

The November Nine always meant something special to those familiar with poker. The concept of the delayed final table of the WSOP Main Event has been with us for years now. However, it all changed this year when WSOP staff made an announcement.

Stay tuned for the rest of our stories.