The Biggest Partypoker Powerfest Ever is Coming - SCOOP Creator in Charge

The last partypoker Powerfest was held in May earlier this year - then over $27 million were given out over the course of 301 events. Partypoker is set to top that when the online poker tournament series returns in September with a whopping $35 million guaranteed prize pool. Meanwhile, the man in charge of the Powerfest now is none other than SCOOP creator Bryan Slick.

Back in May, the partypoker Powerfest kicked off with a $20 million guaranteed prize pool - and surpassed it, they ended up paying over $27 million for the players who cashed in the 301 events that were held. So, encouraged by the spring success, partypoker is raising the stakes: the next Powerfest will have a guaranteed prize pool of $35 million! Needless to say, that is the biggest ever.

The series starts September 3rd and goes on until September 24th.

Meanwhile, partypoker hired Bryan Slick as a consultant for their MTT division. He's very well known in the poker industry for his work at the early stages of PokerStars' Spring Championship of Online Poker, better known as SCOOP, back in 2009. 

"I’m currently working as a consultant to partypoker, specializing in tournament series and also offering advice/suggestions on other areas of MTT play,” Slick told Poker Industry PRO. “After I left Amaya, I had in mind criteria for any prospective new site which involved, basically: The desire and ability to reach #1 in online tournament play, an aggressiveness toward online MTTs which would engender the aforementioned ability, and a site with the liquidity and popularity to be able to reach a wide swath of players with any potential new series. Throughout my early talks with partypoker, it became clear that they ticked every box and that they just happened to be looking for me at a time that I became available.”

Slick also believes that although online poker has been developing for a long time now, there's still room for innovation.

“There’s always room to innovate,” says Slick. “The key, or trick you might say, is to find the right areas within which change would not only be welcome but would be an improvement … throughout many industries, we see examples of change for its own sake and the damage that can do, and that’s the sort of change we must avoid if we’re to innovate successfully.”

He's already got assigned one of his very first tasks: laying the foundations for partypoker's micro-stake championships.

Also, please remember that you can take part in a $5,600 Exclusive Rake Race if register on partypoker as a member. You can do that here.