Cash Game Controversy at Casino Velden

Hungarian poker pro Balázs Somodi won half of a sizable pot after running the board twice in an all-in hand at one of Casino Velden's cash game tables - or so he thought. During the next hand, however, he was told he has to give his chips to another player, since after reviewing security camera footage it turns out he was the one who won both halves of the pot. Somodi evidently did not take kindly to the unusual situation.

The famous European poker tournament, the Poker EM Velden Main Event just concluded in Austria - but it wasn't the only interesting happening in the small but gorgeous lakeside Austrian town.

Hungarian poker pro Balázs Somodi decided to get some cash game action going after winning the €330 Welcome Event at Poker EM Velden.

He got his chips all-in with his opponent in a hand and they agreed to run the board twice for half pot each time. Somodi won one of the runouts, taking the €2,160 half pot. But suddenly, the events took a turn to the unexpected.

According to Somodi's Facebook post, during the next hand someone came over and told him that he hadn't actually won the half pot in the last hand. The casino manager was called over who claimed that he had reviewed the security camera footage and determined that the other half also should have gone to his opponent so Somodi's chips should be given to him. The cardplayer asked to see the footage himself but was denied, then asked to see the house rules to see if this type of "chip confiscation" is even legal, but that request of his got also denied.

Somodi evidently was very unpleased, but in the meantime his chips were already being taken away from him. At that point he wanted to make a written record of the events because he was planning to get help from his lawyers afterwards, but once again, the casino did not comply. Somodi even turned to the local police who said they were unable to help. 

Luckily the Hungarian online poker community came to the rescue: they bombarded the casino's Facebook page with negative comments and low ratings after they heard about Somodi's issue, and Casino Velden listened. According to a new post by Somodi's wife they got the money for the half pot Somodi won back, plus three free nights at the hotel.