Cash Game Festival Starts in Gibraltar Tomorrow

The poker event offering 24/7 cash games for their participants is coming to its 4th stop this year, this time in Gibraltar. 

The Cash Game festival kicks off on May 17th and the 24/7 action lasts for 5 whole days - plenty of time to boost your bankroll. The venue is Casino Sunborn, which is located right on the waterside at the Strait of Gibraltar. 

Some featured tables will be broadcast live on the festival's Twitch Channel

Cash games can have a lot looser atmosphere than tournaments, as they don't have to keep up with demanding schedules and no-one's forcing the players to sit through a 10-hour session: you decide when to stand up and leave or when to come back, you don't have to wait til your last chip is gone nor do you have to worry about til what point you can re-buy. With this in mind, the organizers of the event not only promise great poker action, but also "fine dining" and "fierce partying" on their website.

These events have been well received this year so far, for example, they've already scheduled  another Cash Game Festival for next year in the Olympic Park Casino in Talinn where they just had an event last month. 

But you don't have to wait a full year for the next Cash Game Festival after Gibraltar, the next stop is Malta at the end of June!