Chris Hunichen is the 2017 Caribbean Poker Party $25,500 Super High Roller champion

The $25,500 MILLIONS Super High Roller event was the highest buy-in tournament in the 2017 Caribbean Poker Party Festival.

Super high roller champion Chris Hunichen

The tournament, held in Punta Cana attracted 43 players, generating a prize pool of $1,042,750 with a $400,000 prize awarded to the eventual winner. Only six players made it to day two. Partypoker's Global Ambassador, Sam Trickett had the chiplead before they sat down to play, holding 25% of the 43 million chips in play, while multiple players had less than 20 big blinds.

Name Chip stack
Sam Trickett 11,000,000
Sam Greenwood 8,850,000
Steffen Sontheimer 8,125,000
Adrian Mateos 7,850,000
Chris Hunichen 4,150,000
Rafael Moraes 3,075,000


Thanks to the shorter stacks, the day started with plenty of action as Steffen Sontheimer quickly doubled on Hunichen only to be busted by Tricket shortly after. Steffen jammed Ad Ts and couldn't manage to overcome the Ah Jh of Tricket's. The German busted in 6th place which was good for $50,000. Rafael Morales was the next player out when he lost a coinflip with pocket four's against Sam who got dealt Ace-Jack suited again. Rafael collected $75,000 at the cage.

At this point the Englishman owned half of the chips in play but lost most of it to his opponents. Adrian Mateos busted in 4th place for $110,000 when he found himself in a three-way all-in against Trickett's Ac 8d and the Hunichen's Qs Qd. The ladies held, Mateos was out and Sam got crippled.


3rd place finisher Sam Trickett

In his last hand Sam shoved with Kd 2d, got called by Hunichen holding Qh 6c which were good for the win as the following board ran out:

Qd Jh 8s 2h 6s

Sam earned $165,000.

Holding a commanding chiplead in the heads-up, Chris shoved on the button and Sam Greenwood called for his last 4.275.000 chips.

Chris Hunichen: Ah 5c
Sam Greenwood: 6s 6c

The board: Jd 9c 4s 2s 3c


Hunichen made a backdoor straight which earned him the title as well as the $400,000 first prize, while second place finisher Sam got a nice consolation in form of a $242,750 prize.

Final table results

Place Name Prize
Chris Hunichen $400,000
2. Sam Greenwood $242,750
3. Sam Trickett $165,000
4. Adrian Mateos $110,000
5. Rafael Moraes $75,000
6. Steffen Sontheimer