Comedian banned from RIO over a poor review

Doug Stanhope expressed his low-opinion on the Rio Casino, which resulted in a ban from all Caesars properties.

“The Rio is like being in 1986,”

The 52-year-old comedian, Doug Stanhope had a recent stay at the home of the WSOP and he wasn't impressed with what he experienced there. As he wrote on Yelp, the casino “is like being in 1986.”

“By that I mean it’s like you were still driving your 1986 Ford Tempo 33 years later, held together with gaffer’s tape and surgical mesh, riding on rusted rims. Vegas isn’t what it used to be, anyone who’s come here over the last two or three decades can attest. The Rio isn’t even what it was when they last updated their Expedia page.”

He also rated the Rio with one star on both TripAdvisor, and Yelp and talked about the subject in a podcast. He received a letter from Caesar Entertainment, in which they informed him about the ban.

Doug Stanhope on Twitter

Early this year I had an awful stay in the Rio in Vegas, which I reviewed on TripAdvisor and Yelp. Now I am banned from every Caesars property in Vegas

The prohibition applies to all Caesars properties, including Harrah's Las Vegas, Reno, Philadelphia Horseshoe, Caesars Atlantic City, Caesars Palace Dubai, Flamingo Las Vegas, Planet Hollywood Las Vegas amongst others.

Caesars has made no comments on the subject as of this time.