Controversy on Poker Night in America

Salomon Ponte, aka "Hashtag King" ruffled quite a lot of feathers with his behavior at the table on the latest episode of Poker Night in America.

The last $5,000 min buy-in 25/50 cash game that was played in front of the cameras of Poker Night in America has the online poker community talking for a while now, and not about great bets, folds or different ranges.

The 7-handed table featured Doug Polk, Shaun Deeb, Mike Dentale, Kyle Bowker, Brandud Cantu, Eric Wasserson and lastly, the one who caused the whole controversy, Salomon "Hashtag King" Ponte. The Canadian pro did everything to draw the attention to himself, mainly calling his opponents "bitches" frequently, and challenging Doug Polk to a million dollar heads-up match.

What was especially agitating about that shtick that Ponte insisted Polk escrow the entire one million dollar and seemed to be unable to understand that that's not how escrows work.

Ponte's poker skills did not show to be as memorable as his behavior that night, as he busted pretty early in the game. He raised up his AK off to 6 bb's and got two calls, one form Cantu's 6's from UTG and a looser one from Deeb's Q8 off from the button. The flop came 8d4cAs, and Ponte opened up his top pair to $400 which got a fold this time from Cantu while Deeb called again with his middle pair. The Qc on the turn meant Deeb pulled ahead so he bet $1,000 after he was checked to, Ponte called. After 3d on the river Deeb put Ponte all-in for his remaining $5,475 which finally put the bratty card player in a less talkative mood, and after some tanking made the call which meant he had to let go of the last of his chips.

The bust didn't discourage him to continue his shenanigans however - he asked Deeb whose wife's appearance he had insulted multiple times to lend him money for re-buy and after he got understandably rejected, started talking about some wired money that never came.

As we wrote, Hashtag King's behavior generated a lot of conversation online, so both Doug Polk and Joe Ingram decided to comment on it on their YouTube channels.

"We had some serious characters in the line-up. We had the hashtag King in the mix, who was getting really, like downright out of line at some points. There are some elements that are good to just like stir up some whatever and basically get people interested what's going on, but there's a line, man. Like attacking people's families, and some of the sexual harassment comments and repeatedly calling someone a bitch at the table. I think it's okay to needle people, and it's great to make fun of people (...) but when it turns out you're just attacking someone, that's just not like a cool place to be, so I really didn't like that. (...) I think he's definitely trying to make a name for himself, kind of like at any cost" - Polk said in his vlog about the experience.

Joe Ingram also pointed out that Ponte probably behaved the way he did for the entertainment value, but said that almost all of the feedback to that was negative he saw online so the success of it is dubious. However, Ingram also said that it got him interested in watching the stream and believes Hashtag King's going to get invited back to Poker Night in America.

You can watch some of the action below.