Dan Bilzerian believes he invented loose-aggressive style in poker

The infamous trust-fund bad boy and self-proclaimed poker pro had an interesting discussion in the True Geordie Podcast.

Bilzerian working on his game

Dan Bilzerian is known for his fancy lifestyle, the "King of Instagram" always posts pictures to his 20 million+ followers about stacks of cash, guns and naked models.

While he's linked to poker by the mainstream media the poker community is not too impressed by his playing style and statements regarding his poker winnings. Famous poker player turned Youtuber even made a video, in which he analyzed Dan's game:

Even though Bilzerian claims to have won over fifty million playing in private games with celebrities and businessmen, many believe his fortune is coming from his dad's trust fund. Paul Bilzerian is a corporate takeover specialist, who was convicted of fraud. He served a 13-month prison sentence. His son, Dan stated several times, that his money has nothing to do with his father.

“I beat this one dude for $54 million and that was like my Scarface moment. We were taking in more money than we could spend, we had bags of cash, I was making money from gambling and sports betting, I had money coming in from every fu*king direction.”

In the podcast, he also said: “I never wanted to be the guy on TV showing everyone how good I was. I wanted to be the guy who they thought sucked who could play with the rich guys. It was the one thing in my life that wasn’t about ego, it was about my bank account, and that’s the scoreboard in poker.”

“I let people think that I had a big trust fund and that’s how I got all my money because that allowed me to get into those really good games.”

Bilzerian also explained, how he pioneered the LAG-style in poker before others: “When I first started playing poker, I was one of the first guys who played loose-aggressive and that’s the adopted style nowadays and I was one of the first people that pioneered that. It was good for me for multiple reasons, because I played more hands so gave more action, it allowed me to get into more pots with the bad players and have more chances to exploit them, have more chances to get paid off on big hands, and be less predictable; there’s a whole bunch of reasons.”

While we all know how ridiculous these claims are, the general population sadly links Dan Bilzerian to poker.