Daniel Negreanu is Betting On Himself Again

Negreanu's excited about PokerGO's upcoming Poker Masters, a five-event high roller tournament series starting this Wednesday, September 13th. He often claimed in videos posted on his YouTube channel that these are the types of projects that are "good for poker". To make it even better and more exciting, he took up a $50K prop bet against 19 players that he'll be the one receiving the inaugural Purple Jacket, going to the best player in the new high stakes series. The last similar prop bet DNegs made before the last WSOP did not go very well for him.

PokerGO's Poker Masters is launching on Wednesday with a $50K buy-in high roller at the Aria Casino in Las Vegas, NV. The event series will feature the very best of the poker players from around the world. Four more tourneys are on the schedule, the top money earner across the five events will get ot the wear The Purple Jacket, an idea inspired by the Golf Masters' Green Jacket. That isn't the only novelty in the series, for example, instead of the traditional two-blind structure, only the big blind is posting a single ante to speed up the play.

Daniel Negreanu was the first to be confirmed to play in the Poker Masters, and is a vocal supporter of PokerGO's endeavor to establish a new high prestige poker title. Maybe this is an attempt merely to drum up more attention, but he posted in Twitter that he's willing to bet $50K on himself winning the Purple Jacket.

19 players took him up on that, which could be very costly for Negreanu had he not made the condition that he's only playing the eventual winner if it's not him. This way he can only lose $50K, but if he does take down the title he'll win $950K. Doug Polk, Brian Rast, Fedor Holz, Isaac Haxton and Adrian Mateos are among the players betting against him, according to the list he posted on Twitter a dew days later - this also means that the players named will compete in the Masters.

Negreanu offered a very similar prop bet before this year's World Series, he bet he would win 3 bracelets this year. He ended up winning zero - Kid Poker managed to buy himself out of the bets near the end of the end, but stil the bet that was thought to be too ambitious at the time it was made turned out to be just that, and very expensive too, evidently.