Daniel Negreanu makes "next level fold". Or does he?

A recent hand "KidPoker" played in the Super High Roller Bowl gets the poker community talking.

Daniel Negreanu is famous for his vivid presence and amazing reading abilities at poker but in the recent years he's game has gotten a bit rusty, even he admitted that he needs to hit the lab if he wants to compete with the younger generation.

According to him, he's been working on his game, trying to implement a more GTO-based approach and that's probably what helped him lay down a huge hand against high-roller crusher, Mikita Badziakouski in the Super High Roller Bowl. Despite him being able to dogde a bullet in this hand, he couldn't manage to cash in the event, he busted in 9th place.

Take a look at the hand here:

However, not everyone was amazed by Daniel's fold, some saying that what might be a correct lay down in a certain hand can be a bad decision in the long run.

Doug Polk being Doug Polk

It seems like people were divided into two camps, but high-stakes tournament pro, Patrick "pads" Leonard was kind enough to do the homework for everyone and even shared it on his website. If you want to know the ultimate answer to whether Daniel made the correct play, watch the video below (you'll also get an insight on how the best players analyze hands):