Daniel Negreanu names losing high-roller regulars

In the latest episode of DAT Poker Podcast, "KidPoker" talked about the high roller scene, Jungleman sex video, his wedding and a huge bet including Tiger Woods.

One of the most liked and most hated players, Daniel Negreanu sat down for a little chat with DAT Poker Podcast hosts and quickly made a big controversy on Twitter.

DNegs let the listeners in on his upcoming wedding with Amanda Leatherman, discussed Dan "Jungleman12" Cates' sex video, and also throw his two cents in about a huge bet, which made a lucky person $1.1 million, thanks to Tiger Woods' recent success.

However, the most interesting topic is none of these, as Daniel and the hosts were also talking about the high-roller scene, and players on the All-time Money List, who can actually be stuck overall. From the top ranked 100 players, Daniel named four, who he believes are down, playing tournaments. Even though Negreanu tried to point out that this has nothing to do with their skill level, many people think, naming others were unnecessary and unethical.

Listen to the full podcast here:

The 44-year-old PokerStars pro named Dominik Nitsche, Ike Haxton, Sean Winter, and Dan Shak. While the latter is a self-claimed recreational player, the other three are top pros, so many of the listeners were shocked by this opinion.

Dominik Nitsche even took to Twitter, where he reacted to Daniel's words.


But the German high-roller regular wasn't the only one who isn't happy about Negreanu's guesses, many others were criticizing the Canadian.


Do you think the aforementioned players are really down overall? Or Negreanu shouldn't name them even if he's right? Let us know what you think in the comments!