Daniel Negreanu Wants to Stake You

Negreanu announced a new promo in his video blog series: his fans can make a 30-second video of themselves explaining why he should stake them in a creative way and he'll pick one of the entries to win his big prize - Kid Poker himself staking them in the World Series of Poker Main Event.

Daniel Negreanu, despite topping the list in all-time live tournament earnings, may not have the best image online these days.

During last year's US presidential election he was very vocal about his dislike for the eventual winner Donald Trump and for his support for losing candidate Hillary Clinton - he even posed happily with her. That was already a polarizing move by Negreanu.

That picture was taken in June 2016, but a few month later in October 2016 was the when it really hit the fan - when PokerStars revealed they are increasing the rake the Canadian pro who has a sponsorship deal with the poker room decided to defend it and make the point that it is actually better for the players since pros stay away from tables with high rakes and therefore the recreational players remaining will not get ripped off by them. Sound logic, but the online poker community wasn't impressed by it - fellow poker pro Doug Polk also made fun of Negreanu for that comment heavily, at one point even hosting a "Why More Rake is better" contest for his fans. You had to make creative submissions explaining why more rake is better to win prizes from WCGRider.

This time Negreanu is doing something similar, although less malicious. 

If you enter his WSOP giveaway on his website by submitting your name and email here and make a video of yourself telling Negreanu why he should stake you in the Main Event in 30 seconds or less, then get that video to him though his social media, you too have the chance to be the one he chooses and he will indeed stake you! This means he'll pay for your $10K buy-in and if you finish ITM you'll split the profit.

Whether you're a fan of Negreanu or not, he's giving aspriring poker players a great opportunity to realize their dream of playing in the WSOP Main Event.