Danish high stakes pro allegedly scams fellow players for millions of Euros

Several Danish high stakes pros have reported finding a very advanced trojan program on their computers and have contacted the police regarding the issue. Police has stated that they are currently investigating a 32-year old Danish EPT champion, if all the accusations are correct, he might have committed one of the biggest cheating scandals in online poker history.

There are not many details currently available to the public, but allegedly the player planted trojan softwares on the computers of several high-stakes professionals and then proceeded to play against these players, now with the ability to see their hole-cards, which resulted in the players losing millions of Euros.

It is also suspected that he received help from someone inside the Danish police department.

The case started when one of the victims realized that someone had been messing around with his computer, as it did a full restart while he was out of the house. When he tried to review his security camera footages to figure out why the computer restarted, he found that the security camera has been turned, and someone has broken into his home and installed the trojan on his computer.

Several players have reported that they found the trojan on their computers has been there for as long as 9 years, and that there were instances of players losing their entire bankroll to the scammer. 

No further information has been released, but according to several victims, they are going to give a press release regarding the matter soon.

While the suspect has not been named, there is only one 32-year old Danish EPT winner, which is Peter "Zupp" Jensen.