David Peters and Brandon Adams take down first events at Poker Masters

The high-roller regular triumphed in the $10K No-Limit Hold'em Event, while the Harvard professor in the $25K NLH Event.

It's all about the jacket. Or is it?

The opening event of the prestigious series generated a total of 69 entries in the PokerGo Studio. As the series, which debuted last year offers one of the finest tournaments with great structure, the world's best players came to play for the Purple Jacket. But only ten of them was lucky enough to get a good start and make the money.

Austria's Matthias Eibinger and the founder of PokerCentral, Cary Katz left with a min-cash of $20,700 each for finishing 10th and 9th respectively. Almedin Irnsirovic was able to climb one-spot higher and earned $27,600 for his performance. The next player out was David Eldridge (7th, $34,500), and the remaining six players went to bed to return for the second day and play down the tournament until the champion is crowned.

The six-handed final table saw five US players and a pretty well-known face from Germany. Ike Haxton, David Peters, Brian Green, Brandon Adams, and Lance Garcia were joined by high-roller regular Rainer Kempe.

Peters' grinding hard

Ike was the first to bust on Day2, after getting pretty unlucky, when he put his short stack into the middle against Adams. Even though Ike was in good shape with Ace-jack against Ace-deuce, the turn, and the river both brought a deuce to improve Adams' hand to trips. Isaac walked away with $41,400 and 60 points on the Purple Jacket leaderboard.

The GTO-wizard was followed by Cord Garcia, who put his remaining chips into the middle against the Ace-deuce of Peters'. The Ace-deuce managed to outdraw the best starting hand this time too, as David hit an Ace on the river, to bust Garcia. The 5th place finish earned $55,200 and 90 points for Cord.

After losing a big hand with two pairs to the full-house of Peters' earlier, Brandon got pretty short and called off the cutoff shove against his earlier nemesis with King-jack which was looking good at the showdown as David turned over a dominated Queen-jack, but the better hand failed to hold this time as well, as Peters made a backdoor flush to eliminate the Harvard prof. Brandon picked up $69,000 at the cage and added 120 points to his name on the Purple Jacket chase.

Rainer Kempe was maneuvering with a short stack for some time and made several successful folds and steals to outlast other short stacks, but he couldn't avoid elimination avoid the all-in confrontation in the three-handed period. He probably had high hopes to double-up when he turned up eights against deuces, but apparently, this final table was favoring the underdogs, as Peters made a flush with pocket deuces to bust the German high-roller. Finishing third worthed $89,700 and 150 points for Rainer this time.

Brian Green was building his stack during the whole day, and managed to outlast almost all opponents - even bust some of them -, but despite holding the lead several times during the heads-up, he eventually had to settle for 2nd place when his pocket eights ran into the kings of Peters.

No suckout happened in this hand and Peter took down the first event of this year's Poker Masters, for $193,200 and 300 points. Green received a nice consolation prize of $193,200 and 210 Purple Jacket points.

Final results

Position Player Country Prize
1st David Peters United States $193,200
2nd Brian Green United States $138,000
3rd Rainer Kempe Germany $89,700
4th Brandon Adams United States $69,000
5th Cord Garcia United States $55,200
6th Isaac Haxton United States $41,400


Event #2: $25K NLH

After finishing 4th in the $10K NLH event, Brian Adams didn't rest on his laurels and entered the $25K event as well. The tournament was off to a fast start, the chips were flying and Adams was one of the players to force his action. He started Day 2 fourth in chips, and he made good use of his stack, pushing the action, bluffing relentlessly. But when Daniel Negreanu took a stand on an all low-card board with pocket tens, Brandon held queens to bust him in 6th place which added $75,000 to Daniels bankroll.

The real professor of poker

One of the biggest winners this year, Jason Koon lost two races against the billionaire, Bill Klein and despite making a comeback, he eventually fell in 5th place for a cool $100K and 90 points.

Even though Klein took some chips from Koon, he was the next to exit, when his King-jack couldn't beat the Ace-eight of Jake Schindler's. Bill added $125,000 to his deep pocket. Adams didn't slow down in the three-handed period either and he busted Jake Schindler, who took a stand with Queen-ten against the table bully. Unfortunately for him, he couldn't outdraw the Ace-five of Adams'. Jake walked away with $175,000 and 150 points to leave Jared Jaffee and Brandon battle it out.

The duel only lasted for two hands. Jaffee moved in with king high against the ace high of Brandon's, but despite picking up additional outs on the turn, he failed to hit one of them.

Final results

Position Player Country Prize
1st Brandon Adams United States $400,000
2nd Jared Jaffee United States $262,000
3rd Jake Schindler United States $175,000
4th Bill Klein United States $125,000
5th Jason Koon United States $100,000
6th Daniel Negreanu Canada $75,000

Adams added another Poker Master win to his resume, after taking down last year's $50,000 NLH event as well as $400,000 to his total earnings. He currently leads the Purple Jacket Rankings with 420 points.