Decisive Hall Victory Over Dentale at the “Grudge Match”

 As we reported it, Mike Dentale’s Twitter feud with GPI female Player of the Year winner Cate Hall culminated in a heads-up match that went down on Sunday. Hall won $30,000 of Dentale’s money with a decisive 2-0 victory. Dentale blamed the bad hands he was dealt and even confronted the commentators who he heard criticized him. 

Originally three freezout sessions were scheduled, but Cate Hall won the first two so there was no need for the third one. Although Hall played well, the cards did seem to favor her that night as well: Dentale made second pair against Hall’s top pair multiple times, which can get expensive heads-up. Partway through the match, when Hall started to pull ahead, Dentale became visibly frustrated and turned into a calling station which made Hall’s job easier. 

In the last hand Dentale was finally dealt top pair, but it did not work out well for him. He called Hall's $300 pre-flop rasie with his A2 off while his opponent had pocket kings. The flop came Kd 5s As, giving Dentale a pair of Aces while three of a kind for Hall. After a check-call the 8d on the turn meant that Dentale was drawing dead, unbeknownst to him - he re-raised all-in after a bit of tanking, which Hall insta-called. As a cherry on the top, Hall got her fourth king on the river.

Poker Night in America taped the event. You can watch the final hand, where Hall rivered king quads, here:

After the game Mike Dentale visited the two commentators, Doug Polk and Shaun Deeb in the booth trying to justify the plays he made that he heard the two poker pros criticized, and complained about being card dead during the whole match. Meanwhile Cate Hall was celebrating on the table with his money.