Doug Polk "Can't Win Online No More" and "is a Scam" According to Luke Schwartz

Polk has taken many shots at Schwartz on his popular YouTube channel, now the British card player is returning the fire claiming WCGRider is down 600K on PokerStars in the last two years and that his poker coaching videos are just moneymaking scams.

If you're subscribed to Doug Polk Poker on YouTube, you have probably seen Luke Schwartz scream how he "beast" high stakes poker just to see the chart of his performance at PokerStars cash games next, where he's down over $800,000. That chart can also be seen sometimes framed behind Polk in his videos.

Luke Schwartz has attacked Polk's poker coaching website Upswing Poker Lab in return before, calling it a scam. Now, he repeated his allegations in an interview with reporter Laura Cornelius.

"This guy, he wants to frame a chart of my PokerStars graph, reasonably funny to be fair, but why doesn't he frame a chart of his own PokerStars graph of the last two you years? Cause you know what that looks like: down about 600K and the geeza can't win online no more. (...) but he's still trying to sell his bullshit."

For the record, according to "WCGRider" Polk is still up $577,000 on PokerStars, but there was a time when he was over $1 million in profit on the site. You can see his stats for yourself here.

He also expressed willingness to play Polk heads-up, what would be a game much akin to the "Grudge Match" between Cate Hall and Mike Dentale back in March.

You can watch the entire Luke Swartz interview below.