Doug Polk's newest Youtube channel is getting bigger

After successfully creating a poker- and a crypto-related channel, the top pro turned Youtuber has now more than 15,000 subscribers on his newest channel.

As Doug Polk has been a well-known high-stakes poker player for quite some time, it was no surprise to see his channel, where he analyzes poker hands and shares his opinion about poker-related news rapidly grew to six-figures in subscribers.

When he later started the channel on the crypto-world, people were questioning if he can repeat the success. Even though, he's not of a household name in that space as he is in poker, his channel, "Doug Polk Crypto" grew bigger than "Doug Polk Poker" in a few months.

Those who bet against his success last time might step back when trying to predict the future of his latest channel, simply called Doug Polk. Polk started this channel almost two months ago - the first video was uploaded on June 18 and at this time has about 15,000 subscribers.

Other than the newest video (from 3 days ago) all of the posts on the channel have reached five-figures in views. On this channel, Doug covers main-stream news, with the likes of video-games, golf, or - like in his latest video - creating a Youtube-channel. Whether "WCGRider" will be able to become a world-wide celebrity is yet to be seen, but until that, learn how to create a Youtube channel below: