Doyle Brunson's Montana Experiences

Doyle Brunson is back in Las Vegas after his 3-week holiday he spent in his summer home in Montana because of the vampire bats that invaded his Vegas home about a month ago. He posted it on his Twitter: "There is a large colony of bats that live in the trees around my house. Not a bad thing, one bat eats 2-6 thousand insects every night."


It turned out to be a bad thing however, he had to take a 3-week holiday in the beautiful Montana because the situation soon became hot. In his article at his own blog, he tells the whole story of the vacation, and his feelings about the place and much more. If you are interested, read the whole blog post at his personal blog, you just might get to know Doyle Brunson better.

Here's a quick teaser for you:

Day 6. “Todd and Anjela, Pam & Cheryl, my grandson Jeff and his wife Angie and their two kids come by for dinner every night. Nothing like family.”

Day 7. “Todd’s Montana Challenge poker tournament was tonight. I’ll go play with these nice folks.”

Day 8. “Went riding in my pontoon boat and Sea Doo today. Rode my Rhino up to the top of a  mountain I own. Terrific views.”

Day 9. “Rained all day so I stayed home, opened a bottle of wine and chilled out all day. Temperature got down to 38.”

Day 10. “Went over to a 40 acre ranch we owned. We have a few Texas Longhorns and I stepped in a big pile of cow shit. Noooo I’m beginning to remember why I left the country.”

Day 11. “The fruit trees are dropping apples, cherries, etc all over the place. Maybe I’ll cut the stupid things down.”

Day 12. “Family wanted to go fishing. Bunch of dummies, who wants to handle those slimy things again?”