Duhamel Considers Himself Favourite

November Nine chip leader Jonathan Duhamel is pretty confident that he is going to win the finale, according to what he told CardPlayer.com.

“I’m going to win, 100 percent. I’m the best. I’m going to play the best poker game I’ve ever played and win that thing,” he said. Indeed, the odds are in his favour, but can he cope with that pressure? He certainly believes so: “I like that pressure. I live on pressure.”

Jonathan Duhamel
Jonathan Duhamel in EPT Prague

Youngest at the final table, Duhamel is way ahead of the others with his stack of 65.975.000, the bulk of which he acquired after one of the most memorable hands of this year's Main Event with Matt Affleck. Despite regarding himself chiefly as a cash game player, he certainly showed skill in tournament play by making it to the November Nine. By the way, taking so long to eliminate Brandon Steven seems to have annoyed him: “It was the most boring play ever. Everybody was so tight, so because I was the chip leader, I had to abuse that and raise a lot of pots, so that’s what I did.”

Now surpassing his former best live achievement, a 10th place on the EPT Prague 2008 ($54,904), Duhamel is certainly favourite at the final table. Question is, will or will not this “almost Hellmuthian-like confidence” backfire?