durrrr vs. harrington25 and URnotINdanger2

Tom 'durrrr' Dwan was playing high-stakes PL Omaha recently at Full Tilt tables, and while he was winning a lot of money, he had interesting chats as well from which I present you the 2 best.

tom dwan

He played against Jared 'harrington25' Bleznick, pro poker player from NY, and after playing this hand, he got upset at durrrr saying there was something "weird" about his call on the river, as he might have cheated in some way. Durrrr of course makes fun of Bleznick who says he's going to show the hand to his friends to see what they say.

durrrr: ima quit soon
durrrr: mixed games broke fast

harrington25: quit whenever u want
harrington25: ty for notice
harrington25: nice just call on riv
harrington25: i would have raised if i were u

durrrr: to bluff?
durrrr: didnt think ud fold

harrington25: value
durrrr: rly?
durrrr: << sarcasm
durrrr: obv

harrington25: idk man something is werid
harrington25: wierd
harrington25: idk how in the world u just call that river

durrrr: lol
durrrr: i hav a video setup to see ur cards obv
durrrr: most likely explanation

harrington25: obv not but im gonna show that hand to few ppl
harrington25: urin david etc
harrington25: see wht they say

durrrr: lol ok
harrington25: i mean ur very good but not that good to just call that river
durrrr: i guess not
durrrr: damn
durrrr: =(

harrington25: seriously
harrington25: can u explain ur reasoning for the acll
harrington25: the way the hand played out

durrrr: i jus click buttons buddy
durrrr: i thought thts y u play me

By the way, if you are not familiar with this Harrington25, here's an interview with him, courtesy of PokerStatic.com, he talks about how he started playing poker, and where he's heading.

The second interesting chat is with Scott 'URnotINdanger2' Palmer, who asked Dwan if he's willing to continue the Durrrr Challange 2 with Daniel 'jungleman12' Cates.

He said no, because he was tired and accused Cates with wanting to play only when he had played long sessions already.
Palmer thinks otherwise, and thinks Cates beats Durrrr no matter what.

URnotINdanger2: btw jungle wants to know
URnotINdanger2: ifu want 2 start challange now

durrrr: lol
durrrr: does he wait for the times when he sees me on 10hrs straight?

URnotINdanger2: no
URnotINdanger2: hes asked you plenty of times
URnotINdanger2: from what i heard
URnotINdanger2: and you havnt responded

theASHMAN103: he doesnt stalk

URnotINdanger2: altrhough
URnotINdanger2: i wont lie
URnotINdanger2: i wanted ur action atm because i knew u were up all night

durrrr: i text him a bunch
durrrr: he replies later
durrrr: when he sees iv been playing a long time
durrrr: has happened a few times in a row

URnotINdanger2: he just said
durrrr: ill go on aim after sesh

URnotINdanger2: whenever u want i mean he ovbiously thinks hes better anyways

durrrr: comp was loggy

URnotINdanger2: not like he thinks he has the edge after youve played 10hrs
URnotINdanger2: er
URnotINdanger2: not like he doesnt alrdy think he has the edge no matter what

durrrr: jus convenient timing then i guess
durrrr: 6 times in a row or w/e
durrrr: we can play after i sleep

URnotINdanger2: i guess timezone
URnotINdanger2: differance

durrrr: ill go on aim n talk to him later
URnotINdanger2: kk
durrrr: no we r in the same timezone now
URnotINdanger2: kk