Fedor Holz on the Poker Life Podcast

One of the greatest players of his generation appeared on Joe Ingram's podcast Poker Life where they had a 3-hour conversation about a vast array of topics.


Fedor Holz despite being only 23-years old has already amassed over $21 million in live poker earnings. That impressive feat alone makes it worth listening to what he has to say.

For the first parts of the podcast he talked about his start-up mindset coaching company, Primed Mind. Turns out he managed to get burnt out by poker before reaching the age of 23 so last summer after the WSOP started looking for alternative career choices, that's how he got involved with this project. He claims although the app they are releasing is not poker specific but can be very useful for poker players since mind coaching helped him a lot during his poker career. Holz has been playing fewer tournaments recently and focused more on his new company, he even went as far as describe it as "retiring from poker".

He also cut down on online poker since, as he put it, he feels like he "can't create anything there anymore". When Holz does play cards these days he usually goes for high rollers, like the HK$400,000 one in Macau last month.

They touched on number of subjects outside Holz's new company, including Bill Perkins's bets and his role in the poker world, the Aria Super High Roller Bowl player lottery, what Holz thinks when Doug Polk analyzes a hand he played and the recent unpopular changes on PokerStars, and even a weird prop bet they made with each other about not masturbating.

You can watch the podcast in its entirety below: