Former world champion to lock himself in a bathroom for 30 days - craziest prop bet ever?

The champion of the 1996 WSOP Main Event, Huck Seed is known for his funny or even strange prop bets, but his latest $100,000 Bathroom Challenge is beyond imagination.

Infamous poker player, Mike 'the Mouth' Matusow posted on his Twitter page last week, and this time it wasn't about politics. He asked his followers, what do they think about the latest prop bet, which - according to the rumors - features Seed.

As it can be seen, the majority of the voters think it's impossible to be locked up in a bathroom for 30 days, without access to the Sunlight or even worse, to the internet!

Huck (or the player in question) will only be able to use a refrigerator and will have to be in complete darkness, without ever leaving the room. The player will be allowed a total of 300 minutes of phone calls, but otherwise has to be alone apart from one 'food drop' per week.

Considering that even clocks are prohibited, which makes it impossible to know what the time is and no interaction with other people, the challenge can easily make a healthy person go nuts as someone stated on Twitter.


It's needless to say, the stakes are huge, if Huck manages to pull this, he'll receive $100,000 from an unknown party. Whether this is a 'freeroll-challenge' or Huck risks some money in exchange for the $100K hasn't been disclosed.

Huck Seed is notorious from his prop bets. He once made a bet that he could beat Howard Lederer in a '50 yard dash' hopping on one leg. He lost $5K on that one. However, another he successfully beat Lederer for $10K after he was able to backflip his 6'7" frame from a standing start. His uncle, a former acrobat, teaching him how to do it when he was a child certainly helped here.

Despite his long history of funny prop bets, many believe this bet is way too dangerous and insane.

Do you think it's possible for Huck to succeed or is it completely impossible? Let us know in the comments!