Funniest Poker Twitters - Winners of BLUFF Magazine Reader’s Choice Awards

140 characters is not a lot, but some of the poker players manage to be very funny in such a short message, it seems. The 6th Annual BLUFF Magazine Reader’s Choice Awards presented the top 5 funniest poker twitters recently. If you are in for some fun, and I know you are, here's the list with 1-1 quote from the person, just so can get a feel for what is going on about them.

erik seidel

Erik Seidel

Why is it ok for people to applaud when the plane lands but everyone gives me a look when I do it on the shuttle bus?

dan bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian

Thanks everyone for the great birthday wishes. And to all you asians who havn't aged since you hit puberty u can kiss my ass!

doyle brunson twitter

Doyle Brunson

OMG..I'm rich. Silver in the hair, gold in the teeth, crystals in the kidneys, Sugar in the blood, lead in the ass, Iron in the arteries

mike matusow twitter

Mike Matusow

Went to order a directv movie and they told me you cant order one casue of scheduled maintanance wtf how do they stay in business

scotty nguyen twitter

Scotty Nguyen

busted out of the tournament last night baby! gonna play the 5k today baby! hope everyone have great day & i thanks u all 4 ur support baby!

I have to say I don't really agree with all the 5, for example Matusow and Bilzerian are just being rude and swear all the time, and Scotty just puts "baby" after every boring stuff. What I find very intelligent and funny are Betfair Poker's tweets:

betfair poker twitter


Fun Casino Facts: In West Virginia, the legal age for gambling is 12. Many casinos accept Transformers and Ben 10 merchandise as currency.

If you like them, go ahead and subscribe! I'm also interested in who you like the best from the poker twitter scene.