The Future of Online Poker and Virtual Reality

The Future of Online Poker and Virtual Reality



Do you remember something about the early 90s when you think about Virtual Reality? It was in the early 90s that the internet took the centre stage in our lives. The arrival of the online casinos and online roulette games at the moment was a very huge surprise to many people, and many of them downplayed the possibility of any future for online gambling.

Now, let’s look at 2019, and we will see that poker and other casino games are now on the mainstream. Presently, the buzz is about the Virtual Reality poker games. In virtual reality poker, you are taken into another world that is full of lifelike avatars, and where every movement you make with your body and lips, either by moving around or talking is replicated by these avatars. When you wear the headset, you will be transported into an amazing virtual gaming environment where you can carry out all poker gaming activities like the handing of chips and dealing of cards like you are in a brick and mortar casino house. Here, you will be competing against people in other parts of the world, and you can read them or even communicate with them while the game is on. We can say that Virtual Reality poker is pushing online gaming to the next level.

Just as poker tournaments have free rolls and welcome bonuses for its new players, betting sites have free bets and sign up offers. At, new players will find lots of offers and sites to choose from.

With a virtual reality device that links you with other players in other parts of the world in real time, you can get the best of your online poker games. Though there are still some flaws in the technology that powers this interactive form of play, many people are very excited about what the future of the technology would be, especially when they look at the success recorded in the virtual reality online poker gaming world. The current situation is that players can pick their avatars, after which they can fold, bet, or even call blush in such tournaments. With this, they have more chances of landing wins in the game, unlike what was obtainable in the conventional method where players go blind. Huge changes are being brought to the entire online poker gaming system by Virtual Reality and the result is that the exercise is more fun and realistic. To instil more realism in their slot games, the online slot hobby of most of the casino websites is now filled with VR complaint games. With the current situation, one can rightly conclude that the future of online gaming has VR at the centre of it.

What Else Should You Expect?

Just like we’ve already said, while the online poker VR system is still in the works, the gaming world is very impressed with the progress already made. In the near future, people can easily download their casino software and enjoy their VR poker on those, so far as they have a PR headset for this. At Oculus and Viveport, people can currently download the PokerStars VR. It is actually a thing of huge revolution and advancement that with the VR headset, you will have the chance to slug it out against your opponents in real time and on 3D settings.

The PokerStars Director of Poker Operations and Innovations at, Severin Rasset posited that there is a very huge volume of excitement involved in getting into the world of VR, and that the excitement is better understood when experienced first-hand. The director went ahead to say that the firm will not relent on investing in virtual reality as the future of gaming and will always hand players the opportunity to experience new virtual reality systems.

Though only people with HTC Vive or Oculus Rift can enjoy PokerStars at the moment, there are plans to make the game accessible to the other set of players who enjoy their games with other hardware in the nearest future. Another area of interest for PokerStars VR is the area of social media integration, so that they can also supply the needs of people that want to stream online.

With the launching of the PokerStars VR, the stars have placed themselves above the competition, with a very huge edge in terms of brand awareness among players of VR games. There are also a lot of lessons that the firm is garnering through the experience, and with what they are learning from these, they are looking forward to coming up with solutions that punters will enjoy huge benefits from.