Getting Started with Online Poker

If you have fancied your chances at poker then now is your time to shine. With many online casinos offering the great game you can get yourself started really quickly, and you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your house to do so.

However, there are some subtle differences between playing poker online or being at a table in a casino. The most obvious being the fact you can no longer see the faces of your opponents and read when they might be bluffing. So it is essential to start carefully and get the hang of things before you try to fly. Here are some great tips to get you started from the team at

Keep it Low

Don't blow the budget before you get the hang of things. High-stakes poker sounds exciting and dramatic, but seriously it is a massive disappointment when you lose the lot in one hand. So, start with low stakes and get used to the setup and what happens first then take it from there.

Watch the Clock

Now, typically at the poker table, you will have a few minutes to consider your next move. In a casino, it is a laid back game that moves reasonably slowly. However, the same cannot be said for online poker. The time-back feature means you need to be thinking fast and having your next move ready as the clock will start ticking quickly. On average there are twice as many hands played online each hour than there are at a brick and mortar casino so stay awake.

Watch for Distractions

This means you need to be on the lookout for distractions. It might seem like a great way to spend the time while you are watching some tele or cooking some food, but if you are not offering the game your full concentration, you will simply be playing an expensive game of luck and learning nothing. If you want to improve your skill and tactics, then you need to give the game your full attention.

Get Your Playing Space

Together With this in mind, you should be creating the perfect playing space away from the distractions of the house. Multi-tasking is out, and a level of focus is in. Make sure you have a good chair and table to sit at so you are not risking back strain and make sure you have a good monitor as you will refuse the risk of eye strain if you use high-quality kit.

Stick to Single Table Games

Play at one table, never more. While multi-tabling is the dream, you will just be setting yourself up to fail if you take on more than you can cope with. It is better to put in the time at one table and really master the game before trying to get smart. Start with one table and stay there until you have a decent win rate, then add just one more table when you think you are ready and work on that basis, only adding when you are winning at every table, and only ever adding one more at a time.