A Girl with a Cause - Sandra Naujoks

If you happen to be female and want to be respected as a poker player you have to put in about twice as much effort as men. This can be considered as a fact, even though there are more and more famous female poker players.

This 29 year-old beauty Sandra Naujoks (blonde at the moment), is a very talented poker player. Her total live career winnings almost reach $2 million, but this is not her real profession.Sandra is a teacher of German and History, a successful graphic designer and model, and here comes the best part: she is a huge supporter of various good causes, like the tutoring of poor kids, for example.

Sandra has set up her own ’brand’ called ’All In 4 Kids’, with the main profile of helping children living in poverty in Cambodia. She is also inviting fellow poker players to join her cause and donate money from their poker winnings.

Sandra Naujoks
Sandra Naujoks

'My last occasion when I cried was in February. I was standing in the Cambodian killing fields thinking about all the lives that were taken there. I went to Cambodia because I support a schooling project there. This summer we are building a new school for 500 children.’ – said Sandra in a WPT magazine interview earlier this year.

Now that Christmas is coming, I think this is the kind of message poker players should convey all around the world, so I am very happily giving the ‘Girl of the Week’ title to Sandra Naujoks.

Below you can view a video interview with Sandra, about her project ‘All In 4 Kids’.

Come on wealthy poker players, get behind this effort!