Good news for online poker - New Jersey getting closer to the international player pools

Senate Bill 3536 has come forward in New Jersey, which raises the hopes of a shared poker market in the United States.

The legislation would change the current rules regarding internet casino equipment. Right now only Atlantic City-based online casinos can operate in the state but if this law gets through it will allow operators from all around the world to offer games for US players as well.

A deal was already made back in October to allow poker sites to share their liquidity between three states - New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware. While this step is still to be made, experts expect it to become reality next year. Legislators in New Jersey try to expand this law by adding Pennsylvania - which recently approved online gaming - to this pool. However with the new bill - introduced by New Jersey State Senator Raymond Lesniak - operators from overseas could be legal again for US players "under certain circumstances".

Everybody Loves Raymond

In order for this bill to become law, it must pass the Senate and House of Representatives, as well as the governor of the state. Experts believe that the chances are good for the bill to pass. Do you think US players can get back to the international online poker streets? Are you looking forward to playing against them again? Let us know in the comments!