GPI Puts Poker Into the ESport Category

Global Poker Index has changed their name to Gaming Player Index, and from now on they are tracking the eSport field too together with the poker players. 

Alex Dreyfus and his team have announced that they're rebranding the Global Poker Index. From this point onward GPI stands for Gaming Player Index - with this move they're merging poker with eSports.

From the very beginning, Mediarex Entertainment owned by Dreyfus set the goal to disassociate poker from gambling and make it regarded as a part of eSports. This is why they created the team poker championship called Global Poker League and an innovative form of online poker, HoldemX. Neither of the projects have really taken off, however.

But Dreyfus and his crew are not giving up on their pursuits just yet. They have recently announced the introduction of Gaming Player Index. GPI will track the eSports players' performances and treats poker as a part of eSports.

Dreyfus also announced that Season 2 of GPL is in fact coming, but further details will be made public later.