Guinness Record - The Venetian Macau, Built of 218,000 Playing Cards

The multiple Guinness Record holder Bryan Berg has built the card version of the Venetian Macau Hotel & Casino out of 218,000 cards, with which he broke his own previous record. The playing card version of the Chinese luxury hotel and casino has been exhibited in the lobby of the hotel itself. The monstrum took 44 days to put together and weighs 272 kilograms in total.

The creator of the paper hotel, Bryan Berg is an American architect, who first made it to the book of records with his 4.67 meter high card castle in 1992, when he was 17. He has broken several records since then (the Venetian Macau, for example, is not the highest, but the one that consists of the most cards). Some of the companies he has worked for in the past include Walt Disney World, Procter & Gamble and Lexus.

One of the most remarkable of Berg’s creations was when he built a four meter high 30-tower complex on the hood of the new model for the Lexus ES series. When all cards took their place on the vehicle, they started the engine, and to everyone’s admiration, the cards stood still!

Lexus also made a Superbowl ad of the event, in which the card structure comes down when the door closes, but the knockdown was secured by a string attached to the card complex, making it sure that it will fall down during the one-time recording of the advertisement.

Another of Berg’s works is the complete copy of the U.S. Capitol, consisting of 22,000 cards.

Berg also attempted to build the highest card building of all times in 60 minutes on the live show ’Live with Regis & Kelly’ aired by WABC, but unfortunately, the cards crashed down little before the end of the show.

We couriously await the next piece of art constructed by this genius, who at the moment is said to touring the world with his fabulous talent.