Gus Hansen + Caroline Wozniacki a Couple?

Gus Hansen appears to be dating Danish professional tennis player Caroline Wozniacki. The rumor has been around, but now it seems more established, as it turns out from her tweets. Wozniacki, who was said to be dating Rafael Nadal now travels with the Danish Full Tilt pro around the world.

caroline wozniacki
Caroline Wozniacki

The 20-year-old lady must be an extraordinary one, and not just because she plays tennis very well: Danish poker pro Gus Hansen has been following her a quite long time now, he was spotted at nearly all of her tournaments around the globe. She even mentioned the 'Great Dane' in one of her tweets: "Came back from dinner with my team and my friend Gus Hansen.. Now off to bed.. early morning run tomorrow.. xx"

gus hansen
Gus Hansen on the left

They spent the holidays together in Thailand, travelled to Hong Kong, where they are staying a bit more and soon plan to fly to Australia, where Miss Wozniacki will play at the Australian Open, and Gus at the Aussie Millions. This is why he misses out the PCA this year.

None of them commented on their "relationship" so far, but it seems quite obvious they have something in common, did you know that Hansen used to be a tennis player? Well, now you know. We'll see how it works out for them.