Gus Hansen Is Down $7,750,000 on FTP

From 1st January 2007 to 14th August 2010 Gus ’Great Dane’ Hansen experienced rise and fall in his Full Tilt Poker bankroll several times, but to date he is in a $7,753,624 minus overall. As far as individual accounts are concerned, he is currently ’leading’ with his losses, although Cirque du Soleil owner Guy Laliberté possesses the accounts placed 2nd to 5th on the list, accumulating an astonishing total of $23,845,229 in loss.

Gus Hansen
Gus Hansen

Laliberté being an amateur player, considering poker an “expensive hobby”, we might as well discard him from the same page on which Hansen is mentioned, a pro who won the Five Diamond World Poker Classic, the L.A. Poker Classic and the Aussie Millions, etc. Nevertheless, he has lost the most on FTP, according to the statistics of, followed by LarsLuzak with -$3,153,494 in the same period in total. As a contrast, Hansen’s fellow FTP pro Phil Ivey earned $18,906,540 in these years.

The question inevitably rises: from what can he finance his high stakes games, then? For one thing, live tournaments seem to fit him more, as he profited $7,567,602 playing them. In addition, he has incomes of unknown amount from live cash games as well as his FTP contract and his businesses like, and several instructional books and footages, as reported.

People have been arguing for some time now on whether Gus Hansen is a fish or not. Well, he is definitely a pro but he has even more definitely been having a losing streak for all too long. He might want to adapt to the playing style of the newcomers to get his financials stabilised.