The high-roller circuit moves to the GGNetwork

The operators rolled out an insane tournament offering, they run a $25,000 high-roller with re-buys every hour!

GGNetwork has quickly become one of the biggest online poker operators, despite their short history in the business. We already wrote about the extremely high-stakes cash game action on the site, which reminds us to the golden days of Full Tilt Poker, but they now go push the pedal to the metal with their MTT offerings as well. In the recent past GGNetwork (and it's member site, GGPoker) started offering $25,000 high-roller tournaments on an hourly basis!

This means, that there are twenty-four $25Ks running each day, and they come with re-buys. Even though it's uncertain if all of them kick-off, but according to some information from high-stakes players, most of them do run with about 40-50 entrants. As this includes re-entries as well, it's safe to say there are about 10-20 players who regularly battle these tournaments.

There is little info out there, as who are the usual participants, but rumor has it that some of the very best players are amongst them, with the likes of Linus "LlinusLlove" Löliger, Alex Foxen, Stephen Chidwick or Sami "Larsluzak" Kelopuro and András "probirs" Németh, whose swings were already subject of an article.

As to who the biggest winners are in the games, some people say Chidwick has been on a nice run in these as well.

Because of the number of players, these tournaments are more like multi-table SNGs. Thanks to the format and the small edges, the swings are huge, meaning that the regulars can have six-figure ups or downs each day! Here are some graphs of some players, who are involved in this craziness!