How to choose the right colors for your poker website

Before we discuss what is the best design for the poker website let us talk about how the right design can benefit your website beyond looking nice.

We all know that good design makes the website look more pleasant and welcoming, but there is more than that. When we talk about the design we mean the arrangement of the pages, how the front page looks like - which is the first thing visitors see, how is the content distributed and what are the elements that make our website stand out from thousands of similar ones. But one of the most important aspects of it is the color scheme.

Colors can have a psychological effect on visitors. If you choose the right colors you can ensure that people will get the right idea and feeling about your website. On the contrary, if your color pallet does not fit your website they will leave it. I learned it when I made Instead of choosing the colors I enjoyed, I decided to research a bit and choose the colors that would inspire engagement and would make the visitors stay there for a longer time. I will share you how the colors of the website effect visitors and what are the best color schemes for poker websites.

Increase brand awareness

There are multiple poker websites that have poker in their domain and most people check not only one but several of them in one go. In many cases, websites look quite similar to each other, moreover, while going on various websites visitors usually forget which one of them was the best. You do not want your website to fade, you want visitors to remember how it looked like and be impressed with it. This way when they will search poker again and your website pop up, they will be sure that this is the one they were searching for.

Set the right mood

Your website for poker might be the blog where you want the visitors to read about the new strategies and poker players, and it might be the website when you want the visitors to come and play. Of course in any way you want them to stay for a long time, especially if you are offering to play poker on the website. The right mood can help you set the right mood for the visitors so that they will stay on the website for a long time and be engaged.

Lead the visitors wherever you want

With the right color scheme and arrangement, you can set a guide where do you want your visitors to go on your website. What are the pages you want to check first or what are the articles you want to feature? When you are setting your website up it is better to use up to three colors. The primary color will let you make the website look nice and set your brand color. Secondary colors will help you emphasize the most interesting and important parts of your website as well as call to action buttons.

What are the best colors for your poker website

As certain colors are setting a certain mood each industry has its own color palette. Once you go to the website you get the idea what is the website for even if you know nothing about it. Natural and earthy colors are usually used for travel websites, there is a lot of green, orange and yellow on the health-related websites, brown for the websites featuring coffee products. If you will use green and orange for your poker website it will look very unexpected in the worst meaning of this word.

With the poker website you want to create the atmosphere of the best casinos, a person might go to. You need to set the cozy, protected atmosphere one can find in the huge, fancy casino. You want to inspire the wealth, confidence, and mood for the risk-taking. There are certain colors that will help you invoke these feelings.

Russian Green - it is one of the most used colors for poker websites, simply because it is the color of the poker table cloth. It sets the mood right away and you look at the website as if you were sitting at the poker table. This is why it is one of the traditional and the best primary color for you.

Crimson / Oxblood red - another often used color. It is mostly used as a secondary color. It represents the color of the poker chip and at the same time fits perfectly with the Russian green.

Nordic blue - Generally, blue is most often named as the favorite color by both men and women. Blue is a color of professionalism and wealth. Many businessman and businesswomen are advised to wear blue clothes on the important meetings because of the effect the color has. From all of the tones of blue nordic blue is the best match for your poker website.

Black - it is universal color that represents the power, the mysticism and inspires confidence. While the traditional color is Russian green, black design is more and more common.

You might want to avoid the traditional look of your website and go for something more vibrant and eye-catching that will make you stand out from all the other poker websites. I would not recommend refusing the traditional poker color palette. However, you can create a design that will make these colors look like new and special. Use the graphics and asymmetry to make your design more engaging and vibrant, it is one of the biggest trends of 2019 and you will definitely have a design that will be more remarkable. In addition, you can add some little motion graphics and icons that are eye-catching and memorable. This way your website will be the one that will be bookmarked out of all poker websites one can find on the internet.