How to encourage players to gamble online

Here you can find some initiative due to which you will surely think of start playing.

Fortunately, online gaming is getting more and more popular these days due to an ever-growing mass of people playing different games on online platforms (e.g., poker, roulette, blackjack, etc.). Among these games, poker is probably the most popular but let’s see why this game earned this position.

1. Rakeback

One important factor is undoubtedly the rakeback option. Online poker rooms usually charge a certain amount of the pot collected during a hand if the pot reaches a given amount determined by the online poker room. Rakeback is when the poker room gives back to the players a certain percentage of the fee they charged. Rakeback can be thought of as a win-win situation. It is advantageous to the player because it can have a portion of his/her money back, and it is good for the poker room as well because it can preserve the poker players with it or even grow the population thereof. However, on the other hand, if there is no rakeback option offered, it is likely that the poker players will eventually abandon this poker room for another one where rakeback is offered to them.

2. HUD availability

Another thing could lure the poker player into a given poker room is the availability of heads-up display aka HUDs. This tool is a software by which you can gain essential info on the player you are playing against. These tools usually have a free-to-use version. However, if you want to have more information about your opponents, you can have different HUDs with more detailed stats for around $50. It is not allowed by every poker site. However, where you can use HUD, you can gain a massive advantage over your peers. This is also great for the operator, as HUD-using players will be loyal to their poker room. HUD gives you an estimate of the possible outcome of what your opponent's next move may be. There are plenty of statistics based on which HUD is being consisted (e.g., VPIP%, PFR%, 3b%). For instance, VPIP% shows the percentage of your opponent voluntarily putting money into the pot (if VPIP% is 50, then it means that your opponent put money into the pot every second hand). At the same time, PFR% gives you information on how often your partner raises before the flop.

3. Bonuses

It is also worth mentioning that there are poker sites that offer welcome bonuses. Pretty much all poker rooms offer such – except for a few – but there are big differences between the amounts of the bonuses and their conditions. One out of these sites is bwin which offers pretty good bonuses to their players. Under this bwin бонус blog post by kazinoekstra you can find rewards for different types of games, not only poker. It offers 100% welcome bonuses for sports, casino games, and poker up to BGN222-400.

In some cases (sports bonuses) it is only available to new customers. However, it is really important to know that there are special requirements to be met in order to have your bonuses. Such as the player needs to wager the amount of the bonus multiple times to clear it, or in the case of the sports bonus, the odds of the event you bet on have to be over a certain number.

4. Big wins

Last but not least, probably the strongest incentive to gamble online is the chance to hit a huge payday. According to the 888 casino review below, you can find the five biggest wins from the recent decade:

(a) EUR 7.9 million

The fifth position belongs to a female player known as D.P., who won the amount of EUR 7.9 million playing on an iPad in 2015.

(b) EUR 8.57 million

The fourth place is owned by a Swedish player. Alexander got a jackpot of EUR 8.57 million by playing MegaMoolah in 2016.

(c) EUR 11.7 million

This huge amount of money was won by a young Norwegian male player in 2011, who played Mega Fortune slot machines.

(d) GBP 13.2 million

Jonathon Heywood, a soldier from Chesire, U.K., won a massive GBP 13.2 million (approx. EUR 17.3 million) jackpot playing only 25p per spin in October 2015. This earned him second place.

(e) EUR 17.8 million

The winner is a player from Finland who played progressive jackpot play on PAF (Scandinavian betting company). This is considered to be the largest online casino jackpot win, with the amount of EUR 17.8 million.

All in all, the scale is pretty wide how online rooms try to get as many (new) players as possible. So, you should try your luck and make sure you get the biggest bonuses available.