How to Make More Money with Online Poker Sites

Finding an online poker site is not difficult but finding the right one is more of a challenge.


Choose Wisely

 People often ask if online poker is rigged and the simple answer is no because the sites must maintain the integrity of the game in order to keep players coming back. Online poker sites make money by the rakes they take in both cash and tournament games, therefore, it would be illogical and financially suicidal in the long term to fix a game or two in the short term. Have there been scandals? Yes, but a long look at the online poker industry tells us that there have been billions of hands played with only a handful of snafus.

The best sportsbooks run online poker like Bovada and they have algorithms built into its software to track players conspiring with each other and will red-flag those players. The integrity of the game is paramount, therefore, finding which site is right for you becomes the steepest hurdle. Make sure to do your homework and select only those online poker sites that have a long track record of timely payouts and top-notch customer service. Remember, the more activity the better because it correlates into bigger prize money being offered in the sites’ tournaments. The more players, the more tournaments (and cash games) and the bigger the pot at the end of the rainbow.


Don’t Tilt

Bad beats are part and parcel of poker but letting them get the best of you can lead to a domino effect of reckless play having a devastating impact on your bankroll or chip count. If you feel you’re getting “rivered” by donkey calls then take a deep breath and go for a walk. In a cash game, there will always be a seat at the table and in a tournament, it’s not a cardinal sin to miss a few hands, as long as you’re not in the small or big blind seat.

Speaking of which, don’t feel it is imperative to protect your blind if a raise ensues. There’s an old saying in poker, “Don’t allow a small mistake to become a big mistake.” If you’ve decided to live on the wild side and see the raise with rags in your hand, don’t feel compelled to push your luck if you get a small piece of the flop. And while “scared money don’t make money”, you cannot allow yourself to be in every hand. It’s like betting every football game on the board, eventually, the vig eats you alive and you’re out of the game. Instead, focus on premium hands and drop the others if the raises get too steep.

Have you ever sat around a table with a player who folded preflop and tells everyone what he or she had after the hand is over? It’s not only annoying but it’s pointless. Who cares? Don’t be that person and make sure once you fold, you forget about what you had in your hand. There’s no going back because every now and again a 2-7 off-suit will beat a pair of bullets in the hole. Let the donkeys be donkeys, eventually, it catches up. We always need to throw the guppies a crumb to keep them coming back to the table as food for the sharks.

Here’s a Tip

Everyone is different which is why they have chocolate, vanilla, and many flavors in-between. But the common denominator with online poker is we all want to have fun, make money, and trust the site where we play. There are several elite online poker sites but Bovada is among the biggest because it is one of the very best. They are among the leaders in the U.S. market and welcome American players.

In addition, make certain that wherever you play has sign-up and redeposit bonuses for loyal customers. It never hurts to pad your bankroll with bonus money because the name of the game is grinding. Sure, the biggest online sites will offer big money prize tournaments of which many can be entered through inexpensive satellite tournaments, so make sure there are plenty of these opportunities at the site, or sites, you choose.

In closing, do your due diligence, choose wisely, and as the great Doyle Brunson once said, “May the flop be with you.”