HSP Player Caught Importing Watches Illegally

Erik 'Rolex' Boneta, one of the amateur players from the last episode of High Stakes Poker has been caught trying to illegally import 'gray market' Rolex watches from Hong Kong. His company agreed to forfeit over $2,250,000.

Erik Boneta
Erik Boneta getting some money to pay the penalty

Erik 'Rolex' Boneta, owner of of Boneta Inc. tried to import 'gray market' Rolex brand watches from Hong Kong through John. F. Kennedy International Airport, when law enforcement noticed the illegal watches. Boneta intended to sell the the cheap (because Rolex only authorized the sale of the merchandise outside of the U.S., where prices are typically lower) watches at a much higher price in the United States, by which he broke several federal laws, therefore, Homeland Security Investigation agents conducted an investigation of Boneta's company, during which they seized more than 200 Rolex watches, and an assortment of hundreds of Rolex watch parts.



"We will enforce the laws that prohibit the illegal importation of trademarked merchandise at the border and where the merchandise is sold," - said United States Attorney Lynch.

"Our goal is to put an end to the ability of companies like Boneta, Inc., to perpetrate such illegal conduct," stated James T. Hayes, Jr., Special Agent-in-Charge of HSI in New York.

Boneta, Inc., has agreed to forfeit over $1.9 million worth of illegally imported Rolex watches and watch parts and to pay a $325,000 penalty

Maybe Erik 'Rolex' Boneta might want to play a little better if he wants to repay this huge penalty.